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  1. Dirtworks Films

    Rage at the River Photos...

    Went out to Rage at the River to fool around in the dirt and, came home with a few souvenirs. Bob Bowers http://www.facebook.com/seventwoimages @seventwoimages
  2. Dirtworks Films

    Thoughts on the "1000" PPV that SCORE is offering?

    Anybody gonna pull the trigger and order the $9.95 PPV on SCORES website for the 1000?
  3. Dirtworks Films

    Seven Two Images - B.I.T.D. Laughlin Desert Classic

    Here is a few sample shots of my coverage of the B.I.T.D. Laughlin Desert Classic.
  4. Dirtworks Films

    Illuzion - 2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT SuperCab Blank Template

    My first attempt at a blank template I chose the new JConcepts 250 not the best first attempt, but it will serve it's purpose.
  5. Dirtworks Films

    Associated stepping up for the buggy dorks.

  6. Dirtworks Films

    Team Associated making moves.

  7. Dirtworks Films

    Thank you RDC once again...

    Thank you guys once again for your outstanding work in bringing the 2011 B1K into my living room. You guys did a great job. Bob Bowers.
  8. Dirtworks Films

    Trophy Kart 450RS

    So whats the news on the new TK 450RS? Anybody have one yet? Price?
  9. Dirtworks Films

    "Dirt Addictions 3"

    Ok my friends! After a 5 year hiatus since the release of "Dirt Addictions 2" I am proud to say that story boarding has begun on "Dirt Addictions 3" (What it all means.) More details as they become available. Thank you.
  10. Dirtworks Films

    Todd Cuffaro?

    With the season almost under way it got me to thinking, what happened to Todd Cuffaro? I don't think I've seen him since 09 teamed with Deegan.
  11. Dirtworks Films

    Who's up for some Super buggy bashin?

    Losi bringing the buggy heat. http://www.losi.com/Products/Features.aspx?ProdID=LOSB0112
  12. Dirtworks Films

    Native Americans are pissed too.

  13. Dirtworks Films

    Stock 302 crate motor?

    Looking for a complete stock 5.0 302 for a 96 F150 but it seems as though I can only find long blocks anybody know of a good source?
  14. Dirtworks Films

    SC8e RTR Brushless?

    Anybody put an order in for this yet?
  15. Dirtworks Films

    VORE Vegas Off Road Exp.

    Anybody have any feedback on this (price, experience, etc.) starting to look more and more tempting. Thank you, Bob Bowers.
  16. Dirtworks Films

    1996 Ford F150 injectors?

    I am hoping somebody can help me. I have a 96 F150 with a 302 it's a 5.0 and I am having trouble figuring out an issue. It started with the truck just running overall bad it would lose power and I would either have to let off the gas for a minute or just hold it to the floor and eventually it...
  17. Dirtworks Films

    New artwork.

    Here's a couple of pieces I have been working on. Nothing special just thought I'd share. Every now and then I go through this (Wow it would be cool to be a graphic designer phase) but then I realize that I'm not even close but, it's all good it's still fun. I want to make it clear that I am in...
  18. Dirtworks Films

    Just got this e-mail.

    New Series on Outdoor Chanel goes behind the scenes At SCORE desert races in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula ‘The Baja Unlimited’ SCORE shows will premier next Monday, March 29, As 13 original, half-hour episodes with multiple re-airs on Outdoor Channel NEW YORK—SCORE...
  19. Dirtworks Films

    Another SC8 Video.

  20. Dirtworks Films

    SC8 Video.

    Cool SC8 video. Most of you have probably seen it.