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    SCORE San Felipe 250 MAP and Info

    Can anyone speak to chase access for race mile 80 to 100?
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    r&d dyno out of business?

    i have a race truck they had previously worked on and I have tried multiple times to contact them, left messages with no luck. just wondered if anyone knew of them. thanks in advance
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    OJOS NEGROS 200, BajaORS 2018 Off Road Series

    wish i would have known earlier, are there more races planned this year?
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    mike, all the sonoran resorts have plenty of safe parking?
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    one question is can someone recommend a resort to stay at, on the beach, nice, secure parking for trucks and trailer, hopefully close to tech and start? thanks
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    Does anyone have experience southern Arizona desert racing? I've emailed and tried to call multiple times with no response. To
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    2016 SCORE Baja 1000 and Map

    Can someone give some detailed information about race mile 250 to around 420 please, bad silt, is there multiple lines?hill climbs, can you get a chase crew there ,etc. I would truly appreciate it
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    2016 SCORE Baja 1000 and Map

    thank you
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    2016 SCORE Baja 1000 and Map

    is there a actual map put out by score yet with the changes? is the gps download accurate?
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    vorra schedule

    does anyone know if the desert racing schedule will be basically the same for 2016?
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    what does it take to run 39's

    what does the 79 run if not a 1 inch pin?
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    how could this happen

    yes i have, your point?
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    how could this happen

    seriously, no more tecate sponsorship? the bud light san felipe 250, just doesnt seem possible
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    what does it take to run 39's

    want to run 39 inch tires on a 1 inch king pin ranger, what is the most durable set up i can put together, looking at solid fabrication spindles with a 2 1/2 tubeworks hub, any other info you may have as to what may need to be done to clear this set up is appreciated
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    RJ Fabrication Trophy Ranger Build

    could you tell me what you did to clearance the 39 inch tires? did you build the spindles? thanks
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    robbie pierce email

    just curious if anyone could direct me to where i could find a email address for robbie pierce from mastercraft
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    TT31 Baja 1000 VIDEO

    nice job, great video, does anybody happen to know who does the music that starts at about the four minute mark?
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    Last minute lodging help for Baja 1000

    i have some rooms at the hotel cortez, pm me if you still need one
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    dirt sports?

    i got that one, it is from aug.
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    dirt sports?

    just curious if anyone got a sept. issue?