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  1. calexiraptor

    Best place for valance materials?

    Where can i get valance material? Search option gave me posts from 2012 Trying to replace my old one
  2. calexiraptor

    2 week road trip AZ to Cabo

    Just trying to get some pointers for my trip down baja. Mainly where to eat, where to camp, any pointers are welcome. Heres the breakdown 11/10 AZ-Mxli 11/11 Prep 11/12 Mxli-S. Quintin(H) 11/13 S. Quintin(H) 11/14 S. Quintin(H)- G.Negro(H) 11/15 G.Negro- Loreto(C) 11/16 Loreto(C) 11/17...
  3. calexiraptor

    Best offroad jack?

    dont hate me if this has been covered but the search button only gave me 5 results and not what i wanted. So what jack do you guys recommend from experience? Ive been looking at the pro eagle.
  4. calexiraptor

    Where to spectate b1k?

    for those that preran already wheres a good spot to go spectate? Any places with gnarly whoops?!
  5. calexiraptor

    B500 google earth map?

    cant seem to find the map on google earth...any ideas?
  6. calexiraptor

    Border Patrol academy, anyone gone to it?

    just wondering what i should expect at the academy, im taking a polygraph on tuesday, thats all i need in order to go to the academy. anyone have any insight? :D thanks!
  7. calexiraptor

    trx light set ups!

    Sup, Im looking for some pictures of trx450r's with light bars. Anyone got any pics? Im looking for some ideas to mount 2 7 inch lights, but i cant find any pics.
  8. calexiraptor

    best grips?

    today i tried out the tag rebound grips and i couldnt hold on!! i was using the odi cush grips and i like em alot but they melt very easily :( wut grips do you guys use?
  9. calexiraptor

    any1 w/ experience with dial a jet?

    im planning on getting a dial a jet for my 660. has any1 used one? thanks for the input!
  10. calexiraptor

    what do you guys think?

  11. calexiraptor

    once again, need lights!!

    i wanted help and my thread got deleted....so my question was how good are the la paz 8" halogens??
  12. calexiraptor

    my account got hacked

    hey guys, first of all, my account got hacked today, i did not post that sponsor look bad thread. i would never disrespect any of you and would do nothing to jeapordize(sp?) my membership in this forum. mods if you would be kind enough to delete that thread id be grateful. luckily the hacker...
  13. calexiraptor

    difference between hella 500 and hella 500ff

    whats the difference?? is one flood and another spot? help!
  14. calexiraptor

    kenda parker dt?

    anyone ever used kenda parker dt tires? thanks!
  15. calexiraptor

    how to lose weight on quad

    i have a quad that i race in desert, i have 22" razr 2 in the back and in the front 23" razr 2, they are all mounted on itp bajas. i want to shed some weight in that area, i was thinking getting some 21" gncc for the rear and staying with the 23" on front, but what wheels do i get without losing...
  16. calexiraptor

    CORR planning ATV SERIES

    i was talking with mike from ASR and he said he talked with this one lady from CORR, i dont know what shes in charge of but he said that she said that they were seriously thinking about starting ATV RACES since there have been serious economic hardships and it has been proven with the...
  17. calexiraptor

    lsr dc-4 lt a-arms?

    what are the lsr dc-4 lt a-arms for? andd does anyone know how long of a shock these require for a 660?:confused:
  18. calexiraptor

    first ever oversized tank for the raptor 700

    The new tank will hold 4 gallons of fuel in it with the pump in. If you want the 5 gallon tank it will require the use of the external pump and eliminate the internal pump. This tank does fit under the stock plastics and does not require to change any other part of the bike such as steering...
  19. calexiraptor

    dry break dust cap question

    i have a dry break tank on my quad and i bought that cheap plastic ims dust cap but they are useless, i recall seeing one that was aluminum and with the twist of a knob of somesort, the cap would expand in the receiver. anyone know who sells it? thanks!
  20. calexiraptor

    ims dry break

    how much is a used 4 gal tank, probe and stand worth to you? thanks!