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  1. trailready

    Vegas to Reno @@ PHOTOS @@

    Glad you made it . Did you get one of the #99?
  2. trailready

    Ivan Stewart Modern motors Chenowth 1000 replica build

    I like your fab skills and your humor....your very good at humor :)
  3. trailready

    2020 Norra Mexican 1000 Day 2 Changes ???

    Option 4: BofLA rooms go in order of oldest vintage car first, and so on until the room are gone. Nice reward for actually bringing vintage vehicles. ;)
  4. trailready

    BAJA 500 Accident Moto vs TT

    Hate to be an armchair commentator but I rode bikes in the 70s and my Truck is 8'2" wide and we "touch" just about everything we pass. " I heard that truck just screaming through the mountains...... I could see him coming from hot 3 or 4 miles out." Under these conditions I...
  5. trailready

    Tesla electric truck, new prerunner or race truck candidate?

    Tesla is awesome car, but it's downside goes beyond the obvious market challenges. The biggest proponents for plug in electric cars are the same folks who want to get rid of nuclear and coal and natural gas electricity to save the environment, tear out the dams to save the salmon/whales, and...
  6. trailready

    Robby Gordon TT AWD conversion

    Obviously, but, my comment was more about the prior comment about AWD not being as effective on a mid engine platform. We about to find out.
  7. trailready

    Gun / Protection to Baja for Pre-Run and Race?

    The easiest way to make Mexico safer for you is to quit believing what you hear on the news. 99.99% the only people are in danger in mexico are the same kind of folks that get killed in Baltimore and they are not tourists.
  8. trailready

    Robby Gordon TT AWD conversion

    It will be interesting to see if Andy's new truck proves you wrong. There's another guy that had ID Designs build an AWD front end to graft onto an old Porter Mid-engine.
  9. trailready

    Resto Mod Off-Road Trucks

    This Oregon Dune 66 F100 is pretty sick!! (shown here at Pismo, photo credit unknown )
  10. trailready

    Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows

    Arguably NORRA's most popular car FOR SALE …… you know you want it!!
  11. trailready

    NORRA Mexican 1000 Race Report - Greenwood Bronco #35

    Beautiful Bronco, it hurt to see it after the crash. Look forward to seeing you next year!!
  12. trailready


    Finally got back home Saturday. I have to say I don't see much room for improvement on an effort as big as this. Every single element of the race went smooth for us from border to border(well, except for the chicken in Loreto) . My 5th NORRA 1000 and this is the first time I bothered to...
  13. trailready

    Norra M1k 2019 Ride Story

    Good times!!! You didn’t mention whether or not your diesel pusher will recover from portashakus road :)
  14. trailready

    James Garner AMC for 2016 M1K

    There you go!! made the finish. We ran every mile of every stage except one. Did I mention earlier that my partner in this years race, Tom, broke his arm in a freak accident driving the car on day one? We adjusted the plan and his son Josh ended up doing 8 of 10 total special stages and Rev...
  15. trailready

    James Garner AMC for 2016 M1K

    No issues on day 5. Here we are getting ready to start the final special of the rally.
  16. trailready

    James Garner AMC for 2016 M1K

    After Ned got us moving again, we ran into a 30 mile stretch in which couldn’t go over 15 miles per hour. Easily the worst driving experience I’ve ever had. We new it would be close to cut off time at the end of stage so we push as hard as we could and got there with 10 minutes to spare. Never...
  17. trailready

    James Garner AMC for 2016 M1K

    Day 4, Josh Allen is riding with me today, We ran flawless stage 1 and pitted and headed to stage 2, 180 miles. the Rambler has never completed stage 2 on day 4. We made it through the silt areas without issue and headed to the west coast. Then we got into some of the worst desert trails I’ve...
  18. trailready

    James Garner AMC for 2016 M1K

    For some reason I can no longer post. I’ll try the rest when we get home
  19. trailready

    James Garner AMC for 2016 M1K

    turned out to be the brake adjuster in one of the rear drums. All set to start today’s stage at 11:21.
  20. trailready

    James Garner AMC for 2016 M1K

    Day 3, Stage one, Larry and Carl in the car. It was the best stage of the race, averaging over 40 mph. Giving us a chance to attempt the longest stage of the event. The 209 mile run to Loreto. It wasn’t to be however as we lost brakes on the transit stage and turns out to be a master cylinder...