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    What type of Dana knuckles are these?

    I got a bunch of these inner knuckles that I need to sell but I'm not sure what type they are. Anyone know and maybe how much they are worth too? Thanks

    BAJA CUSTOMS 4 Seater Buggy

    This is a 4 seater “pre-race” buggy we’re building for Quicksand Performance to showcase their new “PBS/Quicksand 4 Speed Sequential Transaxle”. It’s supposedly getting a 700hp engine, so that should be a good test their new transaxle. Specs so far; Frame: 4130 tube/ plate Wheel base: 134”...

    Another Score cage questions

    I have read the new rules, but I just wanted to run this by you guys to confirm. Say I'm building a 4 seater buggy and I want it to have a Score legal cage. It has A, B, and C pillars. Question is, as long as the A and C pillars are made from the minimum material requirements, only the lower...

    New BajaCustoms S10 LT kit and motor mounts

    Now available our Stage 2 kit for the S-Series trucks and motor mounts for trucks with the 4.3 vortec. Stage 2: 5" Over, Coil-Over Kit, 1.5 uniballs, up to 16" of travel Basic kit includes: -Upper chromoly tube "A" arms -Lower Boxed Arms -4, 1.5” uniballs, w/ hi-mis spacers -4, 3/4...

    Baja Customs New LT kit for 88-98 Chevy's

    A new kit for an old truck. We have just finished developing a kit for the 88-98 full size Chevy's, a popular truck with limited suspension kits available. It’s a bolt on kit with only minor cutting and welding needed. This kit was designed to provide added performance without the extra cost...

    Baja Customs Off-Road, Now Open

    What! Another fab shop in SoCal! That's right, Californians love their desert and we're here to help your ride handle it. Check out www.BajaCustoms.com for more info. Here's a pic of our new S10 Stage 1 kit and a SW pic of the front end of our soon to come Class one car.

    Threaded bungs vs, Clamp bungs

    I’m debating on whether to use a clamp bung or a regular threaded bung with a jam nut, for a 1-1/4 hiem on a class 1 trailing arm. I’m guessing the clamp style would be the better choice, but they are 3 times the price. Is it worth it, what are yours guys thoughts or experiences.

    5/16" 4130 Sheet who sells?

    Who sells 5/16" 4130 or 4140 sheet in SoCal? Thanks

    Kaw team signed # plate?

    The wife was nice enough to buy me a new KX250 for graduation. When she picked it up the dealer said the Kawasaki team riders where in the shop and they signed the number plate for me. What should I do, sell it on ebay, whip it off, or hang it on the wall?
  10. DEZFAN

    Fuel pressure problems

    The following is a problem my buddy wanted me to post on here for him; I have a 98 GMC 1500 that I built into a prerunner race truck. I just installed a fuel cell and after-market fuel pump on a stock Votec 5.0/305. the truck was running good for about 5 hours and then it started to...
  11. DEZFAN

    Where to find plunging axles for buggies?

    Who sells plunging axle setups for rear engine buggies? Either a U- joint stlye or cv configuration. Thanks for any input.
  12. DEZFAN

    Shock Angles and Lengths

    I was wandering for a front A-arm buggy, how much is to much shock angle? Whats a good range to stay in? Also would I be able to feel a differance between a 14" shock compared to a 12". Thanks for your input.
  13. DEZFAN

    Buggy Suspenion Question

    I am currently designing an unequal length a-arm front suspension for a buggy. I was thinking about moving the inner upper arm pivot location down more than outer spindle location. Creating what I guess is refered to as your "swing arm length" . It looks to produce more camber gain from...
  14. DEZFAN

    My name is Matt and I'm a dez-aholic.

    Finally decided to come clean and join the rdc society. I'm an engineering student at CSULB and currently work at Quicksand Performance. Now where's the local Pub?