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  1. TreyP

    Baja Questions, Need updates.

    Been awhile and heard the rumors/facts? here. Heading down next week for fun and race support. 1. Is Alfonsinas open for lunch as usual? 2. Is Matomi wash passable? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.
  2. TreyP

    The power of the internet, Making the Bus Monitor Cry.

    I can't even watch the first 1 minute without anger. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l93wAqnPQwk&feature=player_embedded Why I love the power of the internet. http://www.indiegogo.com/loveforkarenhklein
  3. TreyP

    PC Spectating

    I have only seen tidbits of where the spectating areas are but nothing solid. How about a map? There are going to be a lot of people out there this weekend and we are coming over from Ocotillo Wells along with lots of others. If we are in PC west 100+ ft from the course are we OK? You guys might...
  4. TreyP

    Help needed for childrens book. Baja 1K maps

    Lucas Oil is making books that are being freely given to reluctant readers. This is an opportunity to spread off road racing to young people that aren't part of our sport and might bring them into it. What is needed for this latest book is a high resolution .jpg file of the Baja 1k map from both...
  5. TreyP

    Why we need safety gear. Old school.

  6. TreyP

    Shock Gas Options

    I did the Google search and I so far I can't find a definitive answer. Everyone just say's yeah it should work. My limited chemistry says yes but I would like to put this to rest. Here is the question. Can you use any dry Inert gas to charge shocks. i.e Argon, Mig Mix(Argon/CO2) The...
  7. TreyP

    Rocket launch tonight

    For you people up in LA and further north it is a cool thing to see. Watch for it if it goes off as planed. The people along the beach communities should have a good view of it. launch video here: http://mfile.akamai.com/83518/live/reflector:24692.asx?bkup=21534
  8. TreyP

    Giving back to Baja

    Here's the situation. After a fireside chat with the head of the Erindia we found out that the Ambulance in the town is a total piece of junk as far as helping people out. It has all the cabinets and a skeleton for a gurney. The people there don't have resources to equip right. They have to...
  9. TreyP

    Major Earthquake Predicted in September

    May Destroy lots of things
  10. TreyP

    Rider Needs Help in Constitucion

    If any people are coming up from the south of Baja. I have a bike rider that has a busted bike that is stuck in Constitucion. She needs a someone to bring her bike to Ensenada and drop it off and her at the San Nicolas before the 500 so I can get her to San Diego to get it fixed. Please PM me to...
  11. TreyP

    Jesse James Sells The Geiser?

    ROTFLMAO!!! http://www.race-dezert.com/cgi-bin/trader/atl.cgi?ct=5&md=second&id=8557
  12. TreyP

    Think your a good rider, try this.

    Some pretty gnarly single track:
  13. TreyP

    LDC Photos

  14. TreyP

    Desert Assassins Year End Party

    Once again Casa Steele out did themselves and threw a bash in epic style. Two open bars, DJ, light show, Designated Drivers, Free taxi service and just too much fun. What a way to end the year. The Award for best outfit has be BajaBoundMoto. Tim and Jenn Morton shamed the crowd with their...
  15. TreyP

    RATR Photos

    A few shot's from RATR SNORE Race. One of the best races I have ever been to. More to come..
  16. TreyP

    SNORE And The DA Rocks RATR

    I can't say enough about what Don Wall has done with SNORE. His leadership has made this one of the best racing organizations out there. Everyone that raced it or watched it saw how a race should be run. Everyone in SNORE can be proud of what they did this year. As for the DA I have to say we...
  17. TreyP

    True Grit Grand Champ!! #13 Stout!!

    If there was ever a True Grit Grand Champ it would be #13 Clyde Stout. He builds a TT and crash tested it throughout the season, yet finishes every race and takes 3rd on points. That is pure AWESOME!! Way to show people how to never give up!!! The whole desert community should be proud of...
  18. TreyP

    KC HiLiTES Lights up Baja Again.

    KC HiLiTES, Inc. At this years Baja 1000 KC will again be offering a remote pit @ El Coyote around Mile 460 manned by technicians for those who need help with their lighting. There will also be a welder on site for those who need it. We've been supporting Baja for over 3 decades and this is just...
  19. TreyP

    1K Course Notes Are Up

    Surprised this hasn't been posted yet. The course notes seem to leave little doubt about what you can or cannot do. It even mentions the RG Cutoff in Matomi. Most detailed I've seen yet.
  20. TreyP

    DRIVE Gran Prix Pics.

    Heidi Steele debuts in a TT, Christina Ashcraft gets to ride in her first race, Jesse Ashcraft was on it all day. What more can you expect from another great DRIVE race. Welcome to dirt Xteena Great weekend, good friends and fun had by all...