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  1. aiiraciing

    Moving the engine back

    I'm starting to wonder if pushing the motor/trans back and down is even worth the can of worms I'm about to open when doing the LS swap. I've wanted to move the engine/transmission to achieve a lower COG since I got the truck! Now I'm really questioning if it's worth the cost/headache of doing that to...
  2. aiiraciing

    THANKS to HALL Motorsports

    For leaving all their beer bottles at the infield dyke last night. When they fired up there Yellow Chevy with a Utility bed I asked if they were going to pick up there beer cans and bottles, the girl jumped out of the passanger seat and picked up a few can and other trash. Jumped back in the...
  3. aiiraciing

    Baker motorsports

    Over the last few months I've heard that Baker has built or is building a few TT's and now 7200's. I've only heard stories about them and never seen a pic or heard about them in the dirt. Does anyone have pics of these trucks or know if they have raced?
  4. aiiraciing

    Smog Compliant Fuel Cell

    I'm sure its been covered, but I can't seem to find it I need to get my fuel system done on my 04 Sport Trac, I have never done anything like this and I need help. I have a 32 gal. Jaz cell with a 4.25" filler hole, but I'm going to run the stock system so I have to cut a hole in the cell to fit...
  5. aiiraciing

    Random sighting (F2000)

    Today we took my brother's 55 out to Oxnard to get it tuned. The guy doing the tune is borrowing the dyno at Granatelli Motorsports which is next door to his shop, so we take the car back and what do I see...The F2000 I was told they have been working on it for a few months now...
  6. aiiraciing

    Possible Scam?

    I've gotten this message for multiple parts that I'm selling on here. I tried to respond to the 1st 2 emails and received the same message back, so I deleted the next few, I've now gotten 5 identical email's. This message from: [email protected] to ( ad # ) Hi, Im writing...
  7. aiiraciing

    Cali 200 Memorial run

    We are talking about putting together a Luceren trip the weekend of August 13th. Nothing out of control, just a fun trip 1 year after the accident. Everyone is invited as long as its mellow. If you're interested please let me know. Thanks, Brian
  8. aiiraciing

    My SEMA 2010 Pics

    Here is us in Barstow getting Del Taco Dodge's Raptor Killer Bad A*$ !!! Ford Raptor Daystar Raptor Ford's booth RAPTOR with NO rear block Greg put it into the wall Here's my brother's new car, GM did an unvailing at the Wynn for the hgher up's at GM. My...
  9. aiiraciing

    2004 FORD Sport Trac build

    Thought I'd show you what I've been putting together for the last year Camburg Race kit Fox 10" 2" cage started Beard RX-3T Seat's mounted Cage painted Fiberwerx Carbon Fiber Dash Method Race wheels General Red Label's Be-Cool 18" Fox 3.0's
  10. aiiraciing

    Fast-Aid for Driver

    I donated my $25, but I'm wondering what that money is going towards More than likely the driver will need legal funds, I was wondering if any of that $ will be going towards him? I would also like to say THANK You to FAST-Aid for being on top of this and am glad to see how fast you have...
  11. aiiraciing

    Classifieds Icon

    Is it no longer at the top of the page when looking through the Forums? The only way I can get into classifieds now is if I go into the main page, Im just wondering if its my computer or not
  12. aiiraciing

    Lizard Skin Spray Gun Kit

    Anyone have one that they want to rent out? I'm going to need one in a few months and dont want to spend $80 on something that will just sit for ever. And Im sure someone else has bought one thats just sitting, so you might as well make a few $...
  13. aiiraciing

    Anyone here?

    Comes up at 1:40 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixc1RwcK8Xw&feature=player_embedded
  14. aiiraciing

    Mid size wheel size

    I'm trying to find out what everyone's opinion is on different wheel size's I've always been partial to 15's on a Mid size truck and never really thought about running anything larger than that. But as I've been searching for used tire's over the last few months I have noticed very few 15's...
  15. aiiraciing

    *** Light Rack Stolen ***

    The light rack of my old Ranger has been stolen off the truck. Were not sure exactly when it was stolen as the owner just realized it was gone, but it was taken in Fountain Valley/Huntington Beach area sometime within the last few days. If ANOYONE has info leading to the thief please help us...
  16. aiiraciing

    So who built it?

    So I know someone on here has to know the owner or the builder of the beautiful Sport Trac in the classifieds: http://www.race-dezert.com/cgi-bin/trader/atl.cgi?ct=14&md=second&id=10061 Mainly what Im trying to do is find out who built the front and rear glass and if its a one off...
  17. aiiraciing

    Used TK's & a few ?'s

    My niece wants to start racing Trophy Karts next season and Im not finding any for sale in one place. Did all the search's and came up with nothing. I have searched all of RDC's classifieds and found quite a few of them, but I was wondering if there is 1 web site that everyone use's...
  18. aiiraciing

    Point & Shoot SEMA 2009 pics

    So after 5 LOOOONNNGGG days and nights of SEMA, Im finally home. Here are a few pics, I will update when I have more energy. Some of the pics are from Sunday and Monday when everyone was still setting up, and you can tell because some were still driving into the building(Class 8). Which was...
  19. aiiraciing

    $10K-28K to spend on next build

    It's time build another truck, this time I want to build something with more seats, preferably 4 of them, but if the right truck came along than I would do a 3 seater, please dont post anything with 2 seat's as thats not an option. It must have the biggest motor that truck is offered in and must...
  20. aiiraciing

    Rear Bumper info

    I need to know if the rear bumper mounting points on a f150 supercrew is the same as an 02 F150 Extra cab A friend needs a rear bumper and I found one in the Classifieds but its for a supercrew. Please help me help him. Thanks, Brian