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  1. VERN391


    Looking for advice on a radio setup. Using it for short course and tracks up to 4 miles in length. Interested in manufacturer suggestions ? Radio upgrades worth the investment ? Car antenna needed ? Any other advice, never really used them most I have been around seemed to take quite a bit Of...
  2. VERN391

    TORC Bark River

    Haven't seen hardly anything related to BR..........Anybody got results from Fri/Sat racing ??? Looking for all classes.........
  3. VERN391

    LOORRS results.....MYLAPS ?

    Is the Lucas Series using Mylaps.com for timing/scoring ? If so no practice times yet.
  4. VERN391

    Chenowth Magnum Body

    I have seen several Magnums in pictures from Chula Vista, where are these guys getting body panels ?????? I am looking for a hood for mine. Vern
  5. VERN391

    Hello my name is VERN391

    My name is Pat Welch I'm from the STL area and race in the MAORA series Class 16 (1-2-1600). Presently assembling a 1 seater Chenowth Magnum scrounging parts from here/there. I attend World Championships every year in Crandon and actually raced there back in the day 1985. Vern