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    R.I.P. Rick and Jeff Huseman

    Great guys, Great family. They are truly the poster child for determination. God speed to the both of you. You'll be missed. My prayers are with you and your family. Bruce

    compilation of Ivan "Ironman" Stewart commercials

    At 3:10 is that where that TT went in to the ocean a few years back?

    USAC TECH ALERT: 2010 Competition Modifications

    Im still trying figure why race Pro-lite over Superlite. the only reason i can come up with is sponsor dollars. Anyone got an answer to this?

    Who is "JEFF SEIFERT" U2 driver

    Heck i don't know this cat either way but i do know he adds to the pack and the show. You cant please everyone, Jesus was perfect and they murdered him.

    What's up player i ant herd from you in a bit.

    What's up player i ant herd from you in a bit.

    What's the big announcement from Loors?

    I saw some where they were supposed to announce some big news this past weekend. Did they ever come out with anything new?

    Pro-lite and Super Buggy Spec Engines?

    After further review i come to a new conclusion. Why race Pro-lite at all? Superlite or Trophylite seems the way to go. You want to race a spec class heres your chance and the pay out is is 3x the amount. You could buy a new truck with the winnings. In Pro-Lite it wont even pay for the motor. So...

    SR1 Class Demo At Stadium Kart World Championships

    where are the rules? It Has to be 2 wheel drive and chain drive?

    Pro-lite and Super Buggy Spec Engines?

    I think most agree on a change. The change to be made seems to be the issue. If someone wants to race they will make the switch to what ever change is made. i don't see how every one running the same brand of engine would peek the interest of any factory involvement. You would think USAC would...

    Pro-lite and Super Buggy Spec Engines?

    Pro Lite Brian has the most knowledge of all the pro lite engines then anyone i know and i would have to agree with him once again. Splitting the 2 series with rules is not the answer. Also making every one in a class pay 15k and allot of work to change to another package dose not sound good...

    Pro-lite and Super Buggy Spec Engines?

    Both PL Brian and Hotrod82 are right. I also think a v8 or v6 is a mistake. limiting Rpms sound like a good start. i would love to see the midget motors allowed in the class. in fact i would probably put another pro-lite together if they allowed that.

    Old School Rob Naughton

    Oh were those yours? Its some good stuff. That deep voice on the one 125 video was unexpected but you come off very professional sounding in your after race interviews. Show us some more cool old stuff.

    Old School Rob Naughton

    Sweet pants. Pink leopard print spandex? I bet you still wear those under your race suit.

    Rick Johnson-who are they

    Seeing that the last name Johnson is the second most common name next to smith im surprised there ant more. if you ask me the desert is full of Johnson's i just wish they'd bring there sisters so it wouldn't be such a sword fight.

    The gloves are off!!!

    Yeah i agree i drive allot better with out a helmet in fact nude is my preferred way to drive. I think I should be able to drive nude. Race Naked!!!! LOL j/k

    Pro lite builds

    The Corr director was a well, I don't know how to say it tactfully so i guess i wont say it. (Not Tony V) the other one. Jason from TW and i approached him about another engine package for a baggie class it was 100% within the rules and every Question he asked we had him stumped. finally he...


    Depends on your company and your marketing goals. Start there and then find someone that can represent you on and off the track. Any Joe Knucklehead can go around a track. I personally wouldn't want anybody that wears skulls with army helmets that represent chaos and destruction. Look for...

    Pro lite builds

    Yeah esslinger was the main reason i quit racing pro-lite. 2 brand new tall blocks one lasted 3 laps another half a race. if i was to race pro-lite again i would still go with an esslinger nobody makes better power. or talk to robs dad.