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    single buggy video

    Does anyone have any single buggy(dune buggy) video .If so could you be nice enough to post it. thanks;)
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    the quarry

    anyone got any photos or video of practice. I couldn't make it due to work but i'll check out the track after work.:)
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    racing in the usa

    After reading about all this C??? thats goes on with racing in mexico. I'm am so glad corr is Racing in the USA. I really miss racing in mex and I really want to race the Baja1000 Its getting to the point were i'm just not sure its worth it as a racer. I'll go down as tourist no problem,you...
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    speedvision show setup

    hey everyone try and watch this new show called "setup" . Its tonight 8;00 pm on cox,sandiego.One of our very own is on the show. congrats to ryan shank for making the show AKA"98 champion". Just wanted to give ryan some love. hope everyone can watch.
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    corr practice

    who's going . what does everyone think of the $300 for the fee.please do not open any attachments if it shows any because they probably have a virus.but i think i have my computer fixed.hopefully:rolleyes:
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    so whats the latest on mdr/superstition are they having races this year.
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    bronco prerunner

    would anyone that owns a bronco prerunner that has photos of cage work be nice enough to share them with me. I'm trying to finish my 92 bronco and trying to get some ideas.has anyone ever used stock dash and reinforced it . you can p.m also.:confused:
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    single buggy photos

    does anyone have single buggy photos. i'm no.# 388 . fitzgerald was untouchable all weekend . That car is a rocket.Were getting faster though. two races to go. see everyone in oct.:D
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    looking for place too hang

    hey for you guys coming from out of town to the corr event sept/oct. my buddy Mike salazar owns a bar at 6949 elcajon blvd. its around the corner from san diego state. its a fun little place he'll give you dollar off (I know ,no big deal but you younger guys might like the fact its bye sdsu and...
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    hoosier tires

    I'm looking for local contact for hoosier tires for westcoast corr.
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    horse power ranch

    does anyone know if theres going to be a party at horsepower ranch before the 500. didn't make it last time and heard it was one hell of a good time.
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    weather or not in san felipe

    any body know how the weather going to be in s.f. this weekend.
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    my weeknd in sanfelipe

    was down prerunning over the weekend.i used a gps for the first time i,ve never racedwith one in all these years i'm old school or was old school that will be my next purchase.i've allways gone by memory and markers.sanfelipe has so many lines we foresure would have gotten lost. felt like i was...
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    lost video camera

    this may sound crazy,but i'm wondering if anyone found a video camera in ensenada (around the start/finish line at the 1998 baja 1000. i left my camera on my trailer and it fell off.it had my sons baby video on it.i saw a story on tv were these people returned an old video camera,14 years later...
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    I dont follow rules

    *** Deleted By Moderator ***
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    torco race fuel

    has anyone thats used torco race fuel noticed any differences. I just raced the henderson 400 and i didnt get my usual ten miles per gallon. I got nine and ran out of gas 4 miles from my fillup.Car was working so well ,fuel seems too perform well(110 oct).any input would be appreciated.thanks
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    george milke call kevin graves

    hey george call me at the shop if you would.thanks kevin:
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    finally registering

    hey its kevin bedrock graves finally got around to registering.had a lot of fun at the corr event. Liked to do it full time and of coarse baja 1000 around the corner ,prerunning ina couple weeks any 1600 racers need a driver for a section. have lots of experience.619-469-5492 days