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    North orange county machine shop

    Looking for a good machine shop that can press my 86 ranger spindel snout out and press back in my new pro am one. Going to chek out unitrak(sp) in anaheim but is there anyone that people have used that I can trust to do it right.
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    guage ranges on trans/water

    Gonna order all my autometer phantom guages tonight. On the trans temp whats better range 100-250 or 140 -280 and water120-240 or 140-280. THeir gonna be mechanical and on a 4.0 either hov or sohc motor with a c4. I figure trans 140-280 and water 100-250? bUt just curious what you racers run...
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    Sohc swap in ohv ranger 2wd

    Anybody know if the motor mount are in the same location and motors same length? If they are is the 2000 sohc 2wd motor the same as 4wd? I am just trying to save some time and buy them instead of fabbing them myself. Anybody else make aftermarket mounts that will work?
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    Ok I have been going round and round today kartek, cnc, willwood? I trying to get the correct dual master size and residual valve pressure. First off its on a 94 ranger with 83-88 front beams stock brakes rear 9" w/ 12 rotors 1 3/4 piston diameter on 4 piston willwoods. Will race 1450 and glamis...
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    Does any shops stock jd2 stuff?

    Want to convert my bender to hydraulic,but jd2 was closed when I called them. I am sure it will also take longer than I want to get the parts so I will just build it myself if nobody local (oc) has the conversion kit model3.
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    Carb 351w in 2wd ranger

    Has anybody on this board ever done one or know of a shop that can help me find and get what is needed. Currently its a 94 ext cab with a c-4 bolted up to the stock 4.0. Thinking right now of just getting a cheap running motor to mock up the whole front and test it, then swap a crate svo in when...
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    Well heres some new shots. still removing old engine cage, engine and bumps. Truck will be getting a Newline 4-link soon with a floating 9", full cage 1 3/4 chromolly,351w and keeping the culhane built c-4. Next on list is installing 4-link and starting on the cab cage.
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    Harbor freight welder??

    Which ones are good? Anybody had a bad experience with one? Its for my friend who hasnt really ever welded.
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    Mountains open

    Anyone else going riding thursday????????? Cant wait to get the first snow of the season.
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    Quick wiring ?

    I putting my alpine type-r front pass. speaker back in it has a crossover that I thought was bad so I took it out. Ended up being the amp, so I am putting it back in. I Know what is the power and groung on the x-over but not the two wire coming out of truck stock speaker wires. Is there any way...
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    Are Explorer leafs and ranger leafs different?

    Ok 94 ranger leafs will they fit on a 93 explorer. Are the leaf packs the same length? Are the hangers the same length? Will it need cutting out of the floor to run a extended flipped shackle? Anybody got any ideas? Somebody wants to buy my ranger leafs and put them on his explorer, hasa anybody...
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    Ranger lug nuts

    Is there a place that sell a higher quality lug nut for a ranger. Mine seem to get messed up pretty easily and have a cheap chrome plating that comes off. Well I need some new ones for my front end is there a better place to get them. In North Orange County Area. thanks....
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    Explorer brakes verses willwood on nine inch!

    I think I am going to get my rear end this month and was wondering what peoples experience with the two were. REAR END: 35 spline, spool, nodular case, heavey duty housing with back truss. Right now has stock 83-88 disks and I will be running a cnc reverse resivior master. Should I get the...
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    Does anyone have a streetlegal honda 50cc?????????

    I was wondering how to do it? I haven't bought one yet, but want to and make it streetlegal. So if you have done this let me know how? thanks
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    Rnger 8.8 rear end length

    Does anybody know the length axle flange to axle flange on an 94 8.8 ranger? or where I can find this info.... thanks
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    Used bikes

    Where are some good places to look for used bikes? I have never really ridden before, but my trucks taking longer than expected to finish. So I am looking for a honda cr250, 01or02. I only checked at 3 brothers racing and online cycle trader. I want to make sure I do some looking before I buy...
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    Who owns a race truck???

    I was curious of how many people here on race-dezert own or are building a dezert race truck. That are/or will be racing in races such as mdr,score,vorra,bitd,snore ect. I am currrently building a mdr 1450 truck.
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    cab cage ?

    What is the normal amount of space in between cabcage and cab(if any) or whats acceptable before bending a whole new piece? When using plate as a doubler do people usually hole saw out the plate and put the tube thru it or just weld each piece to each side. thanks Trying to get my b pillar made...
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    reflashing computer???

    Has anyone ever done this by dissconnecting the battery for a long time? If so how long, a friend of mine said like 4 months and it will reset it. Does this sound right???
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    Bender degree tools

    What do most people use to find degree when bending tubes and building cages and where can I get one? thanks