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  1. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Where is Robby Woods, Steven Greinke and others?

    SC Fuels and Steve Greinke will be back to LOORRS soon, we are currently building a new vehicle.
  2. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Competition Yellow

    For the fans in the seats, it makes a much better show to have the yellow flag at the half way point. For the leader of the race it is not something you want. But I would vote to bring it back. And get rid of the inversion.
  3. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Best Class 10 Transmission?

    If I was building a 10 car, there is no doubt it would have a Fortin 6 speed seq.
  4. Mitosinka Motorsports

    GBC tires banned from the national LOORRS show but ok for the regionals?

    Lee, when is the 2014 rule book going to be out?
  5. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Congratulations Steve Greinke Back to Back Pro Buggy Champ

    Thanks Cam. We will be back next season in Pro Buggy. The field looks to be even stronger next season with the Funco boys running two cars and a couple of others running a for a championship. You coming back?
  6. Mitosinka Motorsports

    King of the Cup races! Justin "Bean" Smith

    Congrats Bean, you drove a great race!
  7. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Congratulations Steve Greinke Back to Back Pro Buggy Champ

    Congrats to Team SC Fuels on an amazing season. Thank you to our sponsors, and everyone that made this happen. BFGoodrich, Redline Performance, Fortin, R2C Performance Products, Dirt Skins, Fox Shocks, Sign Pros, Raceco USA, BonnerHawk Performace, Racer Engineering, SC Fuels, Southern...
  8. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Bench Racing - Challenge Cup

    2's vs 4's I take Carl in his P4 Prolite= Creed Probuggy= Greinke
  9. Mitosinka Motorsports

    LOORRS - Bench Racing - Info - Media

    How much is the payout for the Pro buggy race?
  10. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Ecotec Bling

    Is he racing Reno with that car?
  11. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Ecotec Bling

    Lets here the numbers?
  12. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Can a BEAM car still win?

    I am with Grant. A beam cars geometry holds it back in the most important part of short course racing.. Cornering...
  13. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Congrats Dave Bonner Pro Buggy winner.

    Bonnerhawk way to go bud!!
  14. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Congratulations to Steve Greinke 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Buggy CHAMP!!

    Congrats on a great season. 12 podiums out of 15 races..
  15. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Pro Buggy Shootout- June 9 Lake Elsinore Regional Race

    We will be at the next race. I was at this past race and my hat is off to Lee and his crew. They do a great job and the competition seems to be getting much stronger at every event.
  16. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Thanks Rodrigo Ampudia and Papa's & Beer Crew

    I agree the racing is allowed to be far to dirty. There needs to be point penalties for drivers that can't get by people clean. Anyone can spin or knock someone out of there racing line. It should not be allowed in any class. If point penalties don't work cause drivers down in points don't care...
  17. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Can anyone stop Kyle LeDuc?

    No one can hang with him right now. Hopefully some steps there program up. With the way it is now Pro 4 is pretty weak.
  18. Mitosinka Motorsports

    God Speed John Castro

    RIP, my friend. John Castro was one one the most talented!! Most people probaly didnt know of him, but I am sure they all have seen his work. If you are one of the lucky ones to have had the pleasure of working with him then you know what I am talking about. A great man.....
  19. Mitosinka Motorsports

    Pro Buggy Title chase is EPIC!

    Everyone one will have to bring there "A" game the second half.. We will see who ends up on top.. I know our Hot Rod will be ready..