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  1. lem111

    Best trailers for off-road vehicles

    I second the Diamond C trailer, best trailer I have owned so far. Mine also has the Dexter 6 lug axles, just keep an eye on your shackles!!! They use cheap shackle kits with plastic bushings, after a year and a half my shackle bolt almost worked its way thru the end of the shackle.
  2. lem111


  3. lem111

    Off-road map of So Cal desert

    Just purchased the lifetime package, I hope its as cool as it seems.
  4. lem111

    Strobel Motorsports 2016 Mint 400 Recap Feature Video

    Bummer!!! sure am rooting for you guys, I cant wait to see your next video! Thanks
  5. lem111

    Going to swap and looking for transaxle pros\cons

    PBS sequential 5 speed.
  6. lem111

    CBS Sports / Baja 1000

  7. lem111

    Strobel Motorsports 2015 BITD Season recap

    Great effort! I'm a big fan!!!
  8. lem111

    CANIDAE Racing #95 BITD Henderson 250 '15

    Cool video thanks for sharing.
  9. lem111

    VIDEO - 2015 Baja 1000, TT#1 Eugenio and Schwarz highlight video

    INSANE!!! That's some talent.
  10. lem111

    Switch Pros

    Makes sense! will do.
  11. lem111

    Switch Pros

    I am also interested, but I haven't had any luck getting ahold of anyone over there. I will try again tomorrow.
  12. lem111

    Taking responsibility

    That's a "stand up" move. must be a good guy!
  13. lem111

    Steve Olliges Raw footage from BWDC

    Wow!!! too cool!
  14. lem111

    Octane booster

    Thank you for your help guys
  15. lem111

    *VIDEO* Space Monkey 2015 Vegas to Reno

  16. lem111

    *VIDEO* YouTheory Racing 2015 Vegas to Reno

    Nice Video, Thanks
  17. lem111

    Octane booster

    I've seen posts on here about Octane Booster and Mexico (Pemex) and it seems a lot of people recommend Torco Accelerator, but I didn't see anything on whether it is safe for fuel cells or not. My car has the sportsman (hard) bladder and yellow foam and Fuel Safe says additives are ok if they do...
  18. lem111

    *VIDEO* Norris Racing 2015 Freedom 250

    Very cool