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  1. lem111

    Octane booster

    I've seen posts on here about Octane Booster and Mexico (Pemex) and it seems a lot of people recommend Torco Accelerator, but I didn't see anything on whether it is safe for fuel cells or not. My car has the sportsman (hard) bladder and yellow foam and Fuel Safe says additives are ok if they do...
  2. lem111

    On Topic Mexican Insurance

    What insurance companies are you guys using? We are going down in October with our prerunner for the first time and need some advise please.
  3. lem111

    C.V. mock up

    When mocking up 934 cv's to check axle length, should the cv turn freely at full droop even if they have no grease? mine are slightly binding and wondering if its because they are dry? Thanks
  4. lem111

    NORRA 1000

    1st timer... how do YOU prepare?
  5. lem111

    M.O.R.E. 1500 class

    Looking for info on the 1500 class truck? Good class/Bad class? Is it a good entry level class? Expensive/inexpensive? Any info would be appreciated. THX
  6. lem111

    Polaris 900xp rzr belt issues.

    Is anyone else having issues with the drive belt on their RZR's, our team has two razors a stock 800 and a TMW 900 and both go thru belts? Is there a solution? Thx
  7. lem111

    2013 Baja 1000 question

    What time does contingency start in Ensenada for the 1000? and what time would you start expecting the first finishers in LaPaz? I'm wanting to drive to Ensenada to watch the start, then fly out of TJ to LaPaz to watch the finish. Any info would be very much appreciated.
  8. lem111

    Who's bringing their ladies out to the Powderpuff this year?

    Powderpuff should be fun again this year! who's in?
  9. lem111

    What battery cable are you using?

    I should have asked this question days ago since now i'm running out of time. What size battery cable do you class one guys use with dual front mounted batteries? I have about a 12-14ft run to the starter. THX
  10. lem111

    Turning Brake bleeding process?

    I need to replace my brake lines and flush the system, and am not sure what the bleeding process is with turning brakes. Please Help!!!
  11. lem111

    Raw 4130 race car rust?

    okay, I know there are a few post on here relating to rust cleaning and prevention, but besides scotchbrite, steel wool, and flat out scrubbing there has to be a better method. I dont think the big teams are using scrub pads are they? It seems to me that their frames are a darker (chromolly)...
  12. lem111

    934 cv's HELP PLEASE

    Hello rdc... I have a question for our cv pros on here. Can the stars from one set of cv joints be swapped with stars from another if they are used but in good condition? I plan on re-polishing them anyway, but the problem is the set i want to use is a 35 spline star and my old cv's are 33...
  13. lem111

    Buggy/Prerunner Group rides

    Does anyone know of any groups that meet up with their prerunners and or buggys and do long rides from point A to point B in the desert? I have a 4 seat LS car and alot of my friends dont go anymore or just want to "camp ride"
  14. lem111

    2011 powder puff

    Hello I need your help We are going to enter in the 2011 powder puff race for the first time, we have a 4 seat long travel potter with a LS motor that has never been raced but is pretty well equipped. my questions are what i need to pass tech? what type of suits to buy (cheep) already have...
  15. lem111

    buggy theft

    I am looking for any suggestions on how to lock up my toys in the desert/dunes?? i know there are alot of knowledgable people on this sight! Besides the obvious (store on/in trailer, alarm, standard lock and cable) what is the best way to keep someone from stealing my buggy? Is there a cable...
  16. lem111

    sequential shifting

    Can anyone give me any tips on shifting the sequential transmission? upshifting isnt a problem with or without the clutch, but i have made a few mistakes down shifting esspecially without the clutch. Any info is appreciated...:cool:
  17. lem111

    PBS sequintial trans?

    Does anyone know how good or how bad the PBS transmissions are?
  18. lem111