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  1. <Cody Agee>

    SNORE 250 Video Highlights

    Check out some highlights of our race at the recent SNORE 250 in Beatty, Nevada!
  2. <Cody Agee>

    PCI Race Radios SNORE 250, Oct 5-6 (Beatty, NV)

    I have not seen a thread opened yet r/e the upcoming SNORE 250. Who is planning on racing? We will be there in class 10.
  3. <Cody Agee>

    Class 10 Highlight Video

    Check out our highlight video from the SNORE Ridgecrest 250. We had an awesome weekend, despite the golf ball-sized holes we put in the side of the motor about 100 miles in.
  4. <Cody Agee>

    2018 MORE Duel in the Desert PICS / Videos

    Post up what you have! Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert mobile app
  5. <Cody Agee>

    Go Pro In Car Audio Setup

    I am looking to install a Go Pro which records in car audio. What are some of the various options that teams have used in their cars? My car uses a Vertex Standard radio if helpful. Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert mobile app
  6. <Cody Agee>

    SCORE IV 250 In Car - #1608

    Take a look at the in car footage from our race last weekend at the SCORE Imperial Valley 250. Rob Archibald drove the first half of the race and he had two rear flats from our tubes deflating. Since we don't carry rear spares it cost us quite a bit of time. We ended up fighting back and...
  7. <Cody Agee>

    Parker 425 Pictures

    Photos from Parker 425 around the "Python" at the start of the race
  8. <Cody Agee>

    Best Class 10 Transmission?

    What is the best class 10 transmission out there? Fortin or Mendeola? Sequential or H pattern? 5 or 6 speed?
  9. <Cody Agee>

    Parker 425 Picks

    Who do you think is going to win at Parker in their respective classes? I'm going with the following: TT- Voss 1500 - Keysar 1000 - Richard Glaszczak/Pat Dailey 7200- Kovach 6100- Lopez
  10. <Cody Agee>

    What is your favorite Plaster City video/photo?

    No special occasion for posting this, but what is your favorite memory from racing in Plaster City? Photos and/or videos encouraged!:D I sure know this one is mine! PS Im driving the orange one.
  11. <Cody Agee>

    2012 SCORE Baja 500 In Car # 1607

    Heres some action from the start of our race at this years Baja 500 in car #1607. We finished Sunday morning, and had quite a few things to deal with along the way. Shortly after the tip over, we discovered a severed brake line on the front passenger side, not sure if the roll was caused by it...
  12. <Cody Agee>

    SNORE Midnight Special In Car *Video*

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot-2rPVgfS0"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot-2rPVgfS0 I cut up some footage from this weekends race. There has been lots of criticism about the course, but I am just thankful for getting to go racing this weekend, and we ended up getting the win. Enjoy!
  13. <Cody Agee>

    Mckenzies Tomorrow

    Is anyone from Northern San Diego County headed to Mckenzies tomorrow (thursday)?
  14. <Cody Agee>

    Would SNORE ever promote a Baja race?

    With all the complaints about SCORE, it would seem that people would move to another promoter. Could SNORE make a Mexico race happen? And if they did would you start racing SNORE over SCORE?
  15. <Cody Agee>

    To those who have WISDOM

    I am going to be going off to college next fall and have a question to ask. I will be majoring in international business with a specialty in finance. Along with this degree you must become fluent in a language other than english. I am in between spanish and chinese right now. Which one will be...
  16. <Cody Agee>

    Difference in driving a 5-1600 and 1600

    Well normally I am driving a 5-16 and this weekend I am getting the opportunity to drive part of san felo in a 1600. What are the main differences in driving the two. Obviously they are faster, lighter, longer wheel base etc... what can I expect the differences to be? I know that you can flat...
  17. <Cody Agee>

    *** 575 In Car - Battle at Primm ***

    This is video of Sundays heat @ BAP. Pat Dailey drove Saturday and I drove Sunday. In a nutshell we were battling for first when a coil wire came lose saturday and lost 3 min or so. Sunday we won by 30 seconds. Not quite enough cajones to make up the time. Oh well!! Enjoy --- available in HD!:D
  18. <Cody Agee>

    Dakar on directv unavailable!!??!!

    Apparently Versus which is supposed to be airing the DAKAR rally cannot come to a deal with Comcast on a new contract deal. So while they are going back and forth we are forced to sit out and not be able to watch. Directv said they would air certain events for the viewers benefit. Is Directv...
  19. <Cody Agee>

    Dirt 2 demo........ Go download it!!!

    Lots of fun. They really have raised the bar from their last game to this one and no other racing game touches it. I actually enjoy racing the rally mode more than in a TT. Online is the best addition. The side by side racing is awesome
  20. <Cody Agee>

    WHAT A DUSTY NIGHT!!! Dailey Motorsports # 575 RACE REPORT

    I was lucky enough to be able to team up with Pat Dailey and his entire team for the Snore Midnight Special and I would like to give my story on the whole night. Pre race: I arrive at the drivers meeting and realize how well organized SNORE is as a race promoter. They are on top of stuff and...