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  1. highlandraceteam

    terrible 250 updates

    what u bummer
  2. highlandraceteam

    terrible 250 updates

    am i watchin the wrong tracker or somethin, mine hasnt updated in an hour
  3. highlandraceteam

    terrible 250 updates

    he can do it, waybe well get a geiser truck 1,2, and 3
  4. highlandraceteam

    terrible 250 updates

    thank god for tracking or id have nothin to do on the ship. this race is gettin interesting
  5. highlandraceteam

    terrible 250 updates

    andys gettin close!
  6. highlandraceteam

    Looking for Jeepspeed peeps

    My brothers got a 89 commanche for sale, full cage, 6 1/2 skyjacker kit with radflo shocks and rear nationals with radflos. Still needs some work, call him if you want Anthony 661-904-3679
  7. highlandraceteam

    score baja 1000

    i feel like im playin it on psp! this game is horrible, im still slappin myself for buyin
  8. highlandraceteam

    Thank you Vetrans

    Thanks for the shout out guys, it means alot EN3 AJ beck USS Ashland LSD 48 just got back from 6 months in the northern arabian gulf guarding oil platforms Cant wait for the dash!!!
  9. highlandraceteam

    Baja: Edge of Control 360 reviews...

    You gotta look at it from there point of veiw, yes they wanna please us desert racers needs in a video game, but they also have to market this game to teh rest of the world. if you couldnt go as fast and didnt have little gadgets that make you go faster or jump 1000 feet then all the other non...
  10. highlandraceteam

    Terribles Cup, Whos ready!!

    Pab are you gonna be runnin the festivities on freemont street this year?
  11. highlandraceteam

    Terribles Cup, Whos ready!!

    Its coming up, im " scheduled " to be back from deployment on july 11th so i already have my tickets and room, who else is going to be there?
  12. highlandraceteam

    Friggin oil at 117.00!

    Well im actually an EN, we just left the nag and were heading to the suez do maybe thats it?
  13. highlandraceteam

    Friggin oil at 117.00!

    im in the navy currently deployed in the arabian gulf, right now were providing security for the oil platforms. Its amazing to see at night the amount of huge oil tankers out here that are anchored out, empty waiting to get filled up. and it seems like its never ending. you can definetly get a...
  14. highlandraceteam

    Thank you Dirtvideos.com

    Ya the cruise is goin well i guess. Would still rather be back at home in california. were moored at a pier in bahrain right now. Gettin some repairs. gives me plenty of time to watch my desert racin video collection.
  15. highlandraceteam

    Thank you Dirtvideos.com

    Its funny watchin all the guys from the east coast watch it because its like nothing they have ever seen. They keep tellin me about the bad A** trucks they see at home and I tell em they have never seen a trophy truck. But they all like it. Dezert People 5 pulled a crowd when i was watchin it on...
  16. highlandraceteam

    Thank you Dirtvideos.com

    Well, im currently deployed off the coast of africa and i have ordered a bunch of movies from dirtvideos.com and I just wanted to tell those guys thanks for always gettin those movies out here so quick. Theres nothin better than gettin Riviera 3 in the mail. So thanks guys, for keepin the US...
  17. highlandraceteam

    MINT 400 Event shirt!!!!!

    Thats an awesome shirt. Are you going to be selling them via internet too or just at the race. Im in the navy currently deployed off the coast of isreal and i cant reall make it to the race but i wish i could. Is there any way i could buy one from you?
  18. highlandraceteam

    66 years ago today

    im currently in the navy, i could only imagine if someone could be able to sink one of our ships now, all hell would break loose
  19. highlandraceteam

    Fireworks 250... Should it come back?

    I thought it was the baker to vegas race. I know they started building that new casino at the outlet center. Thats definetly gonna bring some money to barstow.
  20. highlandraceteam


    it was so cool it was my background on myspace!!!