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    803 Solo Motorsports/ El Corralito F 150

    803 Vintage Open Truck w/ Leaf Springs The history of this truck is a bit vague, but we think that Ford commissioned Bill Strope to build it and two others for the 79 Baja 1000 ( these were 'stock' trucks,Chevy had two 'stock' trucks and Walker built 3 Dodge Little Red wagons, which I was lucky...
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    NORRA Mexican 1000

    Tomorrow I hope to give a recap of the Solo Motorsports 803, in the meantime wanted to mention that for someone who only races once a year and has little time to scout out hotels and make reservations, Baja Voyageur did a great job for our team of 11 folks. Thanks Juan Carlos!
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    Ford Rough Rider Decal

    We are looking for a picture of the decal Ford put on the side of their Trucks, some said Rough Rider, Ford Built Tough or some think like that, we want to try of duplicate it for our NORRA truck. Thanks! JT
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    RIP Tom White

    Though not a desert or Baja racer, Tom White who founded White Bros. with his brother Dan passed away last week. I met Tom when he started cleaning parts for Bob Maynard at Orange County Cycle, I was fresh out of the Army and selling parts there, Tom had been a friend since. I can't think of...
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    Norra Legend Trucks, bypass shocks

    We have Bilstein shocks in the front of our F150, they at least in my mind are not by pass shocks but have a tube to adjust compression on one and rebound on the other, does anyone have an idea how Norra would look at them?
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    Herzog-Holmes-Pike F150

    Solo Motorsports just bought this truck, anyone having history (builder,races,etc.) Bobby and Carl would appreciate it.