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  1. zpoyly

    SAAB V4 sedan and 99 sedan 1969 baja 1000 entry

    dedicado a mi hermano Moises Anguiano y a Jim Ober Mis Heroes
  2. zpoyly

    rest in peace Rene Brown 'el rana'

    our long time sensei and sponsor from the calexico western auto car shop also president & founder of the calexico baja runners 4x4 club, our condolences to the brown family and all the calexico baja runners, we will miss you rana, from the mexicali bravo & lerdo street race crew.
  3. zpoyly

    1993 mxli to mxli baja 1000 matomi wash short clip

    footage from OUCH production media, mm 230 and 490
  4. zpoyly

    1988 parker 400 espn tv coverage

    vhs/dvr531h transfer, i hope everyone enjoys it...lots of great names, facts and teams, one of them arciero/wells entry...
  5. zpoyly

    1986 baja 1000 espn

    espn footage ends at minute mark 42:00 lots of la paz old school racers including class 8 second place marco antonio "el guero" lopez cinco, check out the rolls royce entry at 46:37
  6. zpoyly

    starting line 1994 baja 1000

    danny hamel first bike off
  7. zpoyly

    baja 500 short clips at La Rumorosa race mile 123 and 124

    it was crowded
  8. zpoyly

    1990 espn coverage of the Baja 1000

  9. zpoyly

    short footage of the 1991 san felipe 250

  10. zpoyly

    another 1989 baja 1000 from japan tv

    a more complete coverage of the 1989 TECATE score baja 1000
  11. zpoyly

    1989 baja 1000 japan tv document

    action starts at 3:06
  12. zpoyly

    nipon 1989 baja 1000 document on bikes

    action starts at 3:05, kinda slow but epic interviews
  13. zpoyly

    larry schwacofer teaches a lesson of love

    damn i love those boots
  14. zpoyly

    1987 fireworks 250 still shots from the dvd

    big mac first career overall at Barstow heated July sand, enjoy...
  15. zpoyly

    weekend weather for san felipe....

    the chances of showers and snow are for Friday afternoon or for early Saturday? any accurate report will help a lot and not to go to deep in to the desert @ (r.m. 175) from highway 2, thanks.
  16. zpoyly

    Info on this rarity

    a friend of my friend from work bought this "moon" buggy in Mexicali, no decals no nothing, just a couple of metal parts with "kenworth" scuffed on them.
  17. zpoyly

    2012 dakar dvd

    2012 dakar all stages in 1080p, all in 5 dvds, note: its not the coverage from fox latino, 15 us dlls, im a widow father of 4 pricess working his a** out in mexico, and this is my hobby turn to a little financial support, thanks and God bless u all,
  18. zpoyly

    starting hour forTT baja 500

    can someone help me out with the starting time of the TT, bikes always leave at 6am right?
  19. zpoyly

    is mark miller coming?

    does anyone know if Mark Miller is coming to this year Baja 500? No VW touareg in action?
  20. zpoyly

    1982 san felipe 250 course map

    a while ago i was reading an old paper racing news mag, and it had an article of the 1982 s.f. 250 and the race course in that race was a KILLER race course:it started from s.f. (ofcourse) took the tower road to sanmatias then up hill to mikes sky ranch then downhill on to the kiliwas wash road...