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  1. Racbaja

    Le Tour 2010

    The tour starts on Saturday any predictions? I think it will be a replay from last year with Cantador who is arguable the best rider right now, Andy Schleck and Armstrong who has a good supporting cast. Armstrong brought some of the riders over from last years team to the Radio Shack team and it...
  2. Racbaja

    Bubba's World

    Anyone been watching it? The wife and I had a good laugh.
  3. Racbaja

    de-tune YZ80

    I bought my daughter a YZ80 and I feel the bike is too fast for her at this time she is a petite 12 Y/O. I have heard you can place a restrictor washer on the exhaust port before the pipe to decrease the power. My question is will this cause the motor to run hot and do I need to re-jet to make...
  4. Racbaja


    I like to collect racing stuff and thought these were neat. http://cgi.ebay.com/1-OZ-999-SILVER-ROUND-RARE-BAJA-1000-RACE-1992_W0QQitemZ330371044974QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCoins_Bullion?hash=item4ceba6166e#ht_761wt_958 Ron Plunkett Plunkett Racing 557
  5. Racbaja

    Namura Pistons

    Anybody have any input on these pistons? http://www.namura.com/contact.htm Ron Plunkett Plunkett Racing 557
  6. Racbaja

    Le Tour.

    Surprised no one has posted on the Tour De France yet. Team Astana looks like the Team to beat and guess who is on this Team, Lance Armstrong. I won't post todays results because like some of you I don't get to watch the race till I get home. I will say that two riders have identical times on...
  7. Racbaja

    Police and fireman Olympics

    Little Brother Scott Plunkett just won two Gold Medals at the Police and Fireman Olympics this week in Quad MX, good job Bro. Ron Plunkett Plunkett Racing 557
  8. Racbaja

    Tragic loss for District 38 racer

    David Wilson 1S District 38 racer suffered a tragic loss this past weekend. David's son in law and two grand children passed away in a car accident on Friday night. We need to prey for Jan and David and their daughter who lost her husband and two boys. Ron Plunkett Plunkett Racing 557
  9. Racbaja

    KOTD off road show Mexicali

    I have managed to catch a couple of episodes of this show. The show originates out of Mexicali and it is basically an one hour off road show. The show aires on Wed. nights at 11:00pm on channel 14 I believe. Anybody else watch this show. Ron Plunkett Plunkett Racing
  10. Racbaja

    Imperial Valley Press

    Imperial Valley Press our local news paper has an off road page every Friday. Scott forgot to mention that he learned everything he knows from his older brother. http://www.ivpressonline.com/articles/2009/02/27/sports/sports04.txt Ron Plunkett Plunkett Racing 557
  11. Racbaja

    Attention Electricians

    Here is the deal. I bought a single speed pitching machine for my girls and realized it was going to be too fast for one of them. Question: can I make or buy a voltage reducer to slow the speed of the electric motor? I know absolutely nothing about this subject and could use some help. Ron...
  12. Racbaja

    District 38 quads

    Congrats to my Brother Scott Plunkett for taking the #1 plate in Vet Quads this year at District 38. It's funny Scott was never a bike guy and missed out on all the racing when we were young. Dad used to Own Desert Kawasaki in El Centro and I was there at the right age to be able to race as a...
  13. Racbaja

    cv angle

    I am having a brain fart, can't remember the the max angle on a 930 CV.
  14. Racbaja

    RDC on 10 news again

    Watching the channel 10 news tonight and caught I think the name was Joseph Dillan on one of the segments. The segment was on people in San Diego County getting scammed on craigs list for tickets to concerts and other venues. So far so good, no one in a high speed pursuit wearing a RDC shirt yet.
  15. Racbaja

    need Chinese Motor Help

    I just recently changed out the motor in my kids quad and while the wires from the flywheel match the color wires on the wire loom I don't know were to run the extra wires on the motor (some kind of sensor above the rear sprocket mounted to case). Ron Plunkett
  16. Racbaja

    Tour De France

    Who is following the Tour? Watched todays action and it was nice to see an American be successfull in the breakaway. I won't give any names since most of us usually watch the prime time action. Who are your picks to win it this year? Ron Plunkett
  17. Racbaja

    Got jacked in San Diego.

    Small rant and warning to all in SD. well the weekend started out great, kids were not fighting and I was actually going to leave from the Imperial Valley in route to San Diego on time. We went for my youngest daughters softball tournament. We get to San Diego a couple hours early and decided to...
  18. Racbaja

    Lights on quads

    District 38 has a night race comming up in May and this discussion came up. A well set up quad has mucho travel and a friend was concerned about coverage in the rough. Being a car guy I gave car answers. What do you guys do with light coverage when running stock lights and two Hellas? Do you set...
  19. Racbaja

    District 38 national

    Who is going to the district 38 National next weekend? This is always a fun race to spectate or race and this year should be no exception. Ron Plunkett Plunkett Racing
  20. Racbaja

    New KTM Quad.

    I just got the opportunity to ride the new KTM quad (on the street). Lots of top end and great brakes. Brother just purchased one of the first KTMs in California. The quad is typical KTM and a looker. I will have him chime in when he takes it out tomarrow. Ron Plunkett Plunkett Racing