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    Engine / transmission Project - 1450 Ranger

    I would get a crate 351w and a t400. And there really isnt a need to move it back at all.
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    stock steering for now , benefits cheap and easy to replace. My truck will be running 35" tires. But the Brown one Newline built the owner want to race it in trophy class, But he wants someone else to drive it(pro driver), but who knows whast will happen. Its the one that has 37's.
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    Old motor out and rear end back from newline and 4-link brackets mounted. New motor going in after truck is rolling. After I get the links and inner brackets back rear suspension will be completely mounted and when I get my front spindles back from newline front suspension will be completly...
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    Ground clearance at full bump discussion

    neither do it the right way and 4 link it.
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    Most offroad tires and rims dont need to be balanced because the tires are being reshaped as you prerun. But if your not doing a lot of offraoding it might be a good idea.
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    North orange county machine shop

    Looking for a good machine shop that can press my 86 ranger spindel snout out and press back in my new pro am one. Going to chek out unitrak(sp) in anaheim but is there anyone that people have used that I can trust to do it right.
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    My new snout and hub
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    Should be getting my front hubs from kartek and my "4 LINK FROM NEWLINE" soon will update pictures when mounted.
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    before and after they did your truck I was hanging out with you at the dust to glory thing when you brought your truck. I cant wait to race either but gonna be probably next october before my truck is done.
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    well its all been welded and sanded so you cant really tell. Front is some 83-88 forged beams extended 4 inches a side by baja shop long ago with uniballs and heimed radius arms. Stock steering for now and will be karteks pro am spindle snout hub with willwoods and 5 on 5.5 pattern. Plan on...
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    Oh, the ranger newline finished up, should be running score I think but with the frame kicked this way it was able to fit 37" tires.
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    Well, learned when I was working at newline, its a top pie cut behind cab bend frame up, used my plasma. Then right at about where the bump stop goes you pie cut it the opposte way and bend it back down. Every thing was measured and digital level used to make sure the frame is still straight...
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    truck and 4-link brackets
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    motor front and back
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    New pictures of my ranger project...

    New updates, got 2002 sohc 4.0 and 4 link brackets. Decided to go with pro am hubs up front with 3.0 king coilovers while I will probably just run a 2.5 bypass with the coilover off the rear newline 4 link. Just waiting to finish the four link and get the front spindle and hub, then truck will...
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    transmission coolers

    well that info doesnt really help anyone. thought jerry was gonna do a setrab fluidyne test so we would all know which runs better? Any updates jerry.
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    Well I talked to baker today and I leaning toward his 4wd ranger snout or possible a fullsize snout and run 5 on 5.5 on my stock spindle. That way the caliper mount and gussets will already be done on the spindle and I'll have a good brake setup. Also the parts are easily found for replacing stuff.
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    guage ranges on trans/water

    went with the 280 on both trans and water also got voltmeter oil pressure (all 2 5/8) and a 5 tach w/shift light. Gonna run a gps for speedometer. This project will be done one day hopefully haha.