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  1. Racbaja

    Dakar 2013 - Useful Links

    I watched some coverage on www.firstrowsports.eu in the past that had some diffrent TV links. Video for today was not availible yet.
  2. Racbaja

    Funny picture.

    Funny picture.
  3. Racbaja

    Supercross 2011

    Watching big James after Bubba pulled into the pits was priceless. I am really surprised with Malcolm Stewart, he did OK. Bring on Florida and some rain.
  4. Racbaja

    pistol pete sohren

    Re: Rip - pistol pete sohren WTF I saw RIP and thought he had passed away. Fricken tools.
  5. Racbaja

    BMX riders

    First off what are you looking for? Are you looking to buy a complete bike. I would highly recommend craigslist as there are a lot of cruisers for sale in your area for a fraction of what you are going to pay new. The girls are sponsored by The Finishline Pro Bike Shop in El Centro so all our...
  6. Racbaja

    Best place to get Disneyland tickets?

    Donnie you are on your way there buddy.
  7. Racbaja

    Best place to get Disneyland tickets?

    JRod is right on. We used Ebay for our last tickets and saved a ton.
  8. Racbaja

    Fabricator to Customer Dialog

    Poser, I like it.
  9. Racbaja

    "Shooting Begins For Next On Any Sunday"

    Thats rad, I watched the original for like the 100 time the other morning.
  10. Racbaja

    2010 NFL Season

    Black Sunday for the Raider Fans, out of the play offs. Another exciting season for the Chargers. Go Bolts.
  11. Racbaja

    Rat patrol

    Rat Patrol was the best, remember watching it as a kid.
  12. Racbaja

    People are awesome!

    I could have watched two hours of that stuff, thanks for sharing.
  13. Racbaja

    Costume ideas

    Here is my picture from Saturday.
  14. Racbaja

    Costume ideas

    I went to a costume party last night as Johnny Knoxville. My buddy made me a black Jackass 3D T-shirt, bandaged head and a crutch. It was actually an appropriate costume for me as I am recovering from a racing accident with broken coller bone and rib.
  15. Racbaja

    Lost jack! Help!

    "Lost jack! Help!" What is his last name? Sorry just a little off road humor.
  16. Racbaja


    When I was stationed in North Carolina my dad came out and we went down to check all the shops out. We went by and checked out the Felix Sabales(sp) shop and Robby's trophy truck was in the main lobby on display. We went to Jim Smith's shop and my dad started telling the receptionist the story...
  17. Racbaja

    MDR: Patricia Needs Your Support

    This commentary sounds a little fishy to me like someone might have mentioned something to this reporter about MDR. I hope I am wrong and just experiencing some kind of paranoid consperiency theory. I heard rumors that a well known company has offered to pay all of MDRs legal fees. Our prayers...
  18. Racbaja

    Donate to Assist the Families & Victims of the Tragic California 200 Accident

    I just made my donation at Sunset Signs and Graphics in El Centro. Imperial Valley Racers and supporters stop by and donate, they have the stickers if you want one. Ron Plunkett Plunkett Racing
  19. Racbaja

    What good are Off Roaders?

    Art Sevedra does a lot in the community and should be recognized as a hero talking to school children about fire safety. Sorry Art just had to post this. Ron Plunkett Plunkett Racing.