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  1. highlandraceteam

    Terribles Cup, Whos ready!!

    Its coming up, im " scheduled " to be back from deployment on july 11th so i already have my tickets and room, who else is going to be there?
  2. highlandraceteam

    Thank you Dirtvideos.com

    Well, im currently deployed off the coast of africa and i have ordered a bunch of movies from dirtvideos.com and I just wanted to tell those guys thanks for always gettin those movies out here so quick. Theres nothin better than gettin Riviera 3 in the mail. So thanks guys, for keepin the US...
  3. highlandraceteam

    Happy holidays To the Troops Over-Seas!!!

    Happy Holidays to all the troops around the world who are givin up there holidays for a greater cause. You guys mean the world to us. thanks
  4. highlandraceteam

    Cherokee Shimmy

    My cherokee has shimmied since ive owned. It ony does it sometimes or when i hit a bump. I replaced a the tie-rod ends and a bigger tie rod and stabilizer, but i still have the shimmy. Do any of you jeepspeeders know what it might be?
  5. highlandraceteam

    Future of racing in Baja?

    Judging by all of the input by other racers and spectators, what does everyone think is going to happen if situations get worse. I know theft and skakedowns by the federalis is getting higher. And im hearing alot about people getting held up at gunpoint. alot of people on this forum have...
  6. highlandraceteam

    Cherokee Rear glass

    I have a 98 2 door cherokee and i want to put rear quarter panels on it. The only ones ive seen are at rustys offroad. is there anymore? and whats the best way to put these on? can i keep my rear window or do i have to replace with plexiglass?
  7. highlandraceteam

    Baja 500 course map

    does anyone have the map for the 500. I cnat seem to find it anywhere and its not on s.c.o.r.e's site?
  8. highlandraceteam


    where do guys like dan vance get there horns for there race trucks? i think my horn took a **** and i need a new one. where can i buy one?
  9. highlandraceteam

    Baja 500 Hotels?

    Can you guys give me some good hotels to stay at for the 500? Its my first time to mexico so im not to sure on what or where they are. Thanks
  10. highlandraceteam

    The "FUTURE" of desert racing

    Well ive been involved with desert racing my whole life. I remember back in the day goin to the Fireworks 250 and watching a great race. But over the year ive observed that the very desert racing we all know and love is changing, and most people dont like it. I mean i love the way the bigger and...
  11. highlandraceteam

    where is the wall

    i see the wall and everything on the dezert people movies but i dont know where it is, is it going to be in the race this weekend, if so can any of you guys tell me where it is
  12. highlandraceteam

    anyone have an np-231?

    i shredded my transfer-case, and np-231 from a 98 cherokee, anyone have a spare one layin around that they wanna sell?
  13. highlandraceteam

    rear cherokee glass

    is there any glass out there for the 98 cherokees that i dont have to replace the side window, and that actually looks good when its painted? if so can you guys post some pics? thanks
  14. highlandraceteam

    Thanks Jeepspeeders

    I just wanted to say thanks to all the jeepspeed guys for helpin me out yesterday. My jeeps not quite a jeepspeed so i snapped the yoke and blew the u-joint. All the js guys gave me some help and got me drivin again. I ended up drivin all the way to palmdale from barstow with my rear driveshaft...
  15. highlandraceteam

    can anyone tell what part this is?

    its this plastic nose peice, i cant figure what the name is to order a new one from ebay.
  16. highlandraceteam

    spare jeep parts anyone?

    i have a 98 cherokee that just got hit so i need a new headlight bezel and a front nose peice(The plastic that surrounds the grill) and i would like to get some fiberglass for it so if any of you have that tell me cuz i wanna buy it. Thanx
  17. highlandraceteam

    Jeep Shimmy

    I got a 98 jeep cherokee and it has a pretty mean shimmy at 50 mph. Just at 50 not above or below. Ive changed the tie rod ends, balanced the tires, teh only real problem is that the previous owner tried to make the trac-bar mount adjustable, at least it looks like that, now every once in a...
  18. highlandraceteam

    Radiator Questions

    What is the best way to run radiators for the rear of a truck?
  19. highlandraceteam

    Good Jeep Fiberglass

    Who makes the best fiberglass for the cheapest price. I have a 98 cherokee, i was also wondering how you install the rear, if there is any glass for it. Thanks
  20. highlandraceteam

    New team from palmdale

    Whats up everybody?