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    2007 Suzuki DR-Z400SM

    Who has one or know someone who has one??? Likes, dislikes??? Gas mileage??? I'm looking at getting a motard and this looks like my choice. I just wanted to get some more reviews on the bike if anyone has one, all the other review I've read are good.
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    David Binns SCORE 7 open

    Does anyone have any contact information for David Binns. He runs a yellow 7 open. He let us borrow an axle at the 500 and we don't have any way to get a hold of him. We tried calling SCORE but Sue won't give us the number for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    GPS map downloads

    Does anyone know of any websites that have free downloads of city maps? I know their is a company that sells regional/state maps with all the cites and streets and stuff but they want like $75. I'm looking for a good map of CA, NV, and AZ
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    Bronze Bushings

    Which bronze is best to use for steering and lower link pivits? Is it worth it to spend the extra money on the SAE 841 oil impregnated bronze or is SAE 660 bronze ok? I can imagine that the 841 would be better as far as being self lubricating and having anti corrosion properties. For...
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    SolidWorks Users

    Since we are in the computer age, I was thinking how quite a few guys are doing some building and cycling of suspensions and trucks in their computers. I know I have drawn several parts in both AutoCAD and SolidWorks before having them Hydro Jet Cut or Laser cut. I was wondering how many of...
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    Cross over steering pivits

    What size bolts are you guys using for the pivits of your swingsets? I'm running the 5/8" x 3/4" rod ends, so I was going o use a 5/8" bolt on all the rod ends. I have a 2 wheel drive Ranger and I will be puting a Howe ram and Howe ford box on it. I was figuring I would pivit off of just a...
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    1998 4.0 L OHC Computer?

    I am putting a 4.0 out of a 98 Explorer into my Ranger. When I got the motor it had an automatic transmission, I now have a 5 speed manual mated to it. Does anyone have any part #'s or know what computer I will need to make her run. The problem I'm running into is that the computers are different...
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    Ranger head light decals

    Does anyone know if or where to get head light and tail light decals for ranger? I know someone posted a link to a site for f150 stuff a couple years back, but I don't think they had ranger stuff back then.
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    Laughlin course

    Does anyone have any idea what the new course will be? They could do the same course as last year, but turn right at the high school onto Needles and make another right back onto the course where the 2nd road crossing was. That would cut out the part of land that was sold. I just don't...
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    Forged bead lock rim

    Does anyone know of anyone making a 15”x8” forged beadlock? We are running the 15”x8” forged non-beadlock Alcoa wheel right now. The problem we are having is that we can’t find anymore with the 3 5/8” back space. If anyone know where to get either a forged 15”x8“ that we can get beadlocked or...
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    PS3 Off-Road Game and more

    Just heard about a new game that is coming out on the new PS3 (Due out in May 2006). It's called Motor Storm and it looks like MX Unleashed, Smugglers Run 1 & 2, and Test Drive Off-Road were put in a blender and out came this bitchen looking game. From what I can tell in the preview online...
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    Beadlock ring clocks

    At contingency for San Felipe and the 500 there was a beadlock company that also had billet aluminum clocks, I forgot to get a card from them at the 500. Does anyone have the number for them or a website. Their booth was by the main street right next to the convention center. Any info would...
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    2004 Formula 1 season

    Anyone taking any guesses as to whom will take the drivers championship this season? I would like to see someone other than Schumacher take the championship, however he is one hell of a driver and deserves his wins. Between his driving skills and the reliable cars of Ferrari how can they not...
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    Giant Motorsports 4 link kit

    Does anyone know anything about Destroy/ Giant Motorsports weld together trailing arm kit or there 4 link kit? We're building a Ranger for class 7. Any feedback would be great.
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    Quick question/Custom dash

    I know the subject of custom dashes has come up a few times in the past, but this subject hasn't been touched as far as I can remember. We're getting ready to build a custom dash for our race truck and we were thinking of using stainless steel. For some reason I've never seen stainless dashes...
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    Quick Release Steering

    Right now I'm looking into buying a quick release steering hub for my truck. I was wondering if the splined or hex hubs are better? Also I found a place called TEKNIQ in Canada who make a pretty cool locking set up. Has anyone heard of these or know if there any good? Their web site is...
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    Centerforce vs. LuK clutch's

    Centerforce vs. LuK clutch\'s I'm looking to put a new clutch in my Ranger, I have been thinking about putting in a Centerforce 2. A local shop told me they liked LuK's Pro Gold Series clutch just as much as Centerforce if not better. I've done a little research on Luk, it looks ok. I called a...
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    Just say no to gas welding

    The pic is out of a car that was on a customers trailer at work, it's an 80's Mustang that was converted to a drag car, the guy MIGed most of the cage and brazed a few joints(if you can call that brazing), the best thing is the guy was a "Mechanical Engineer". Remember just say no...
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    Boxing in Ranger Frame

    I have a 94 Ranger frame that I'm going to box in with dimpled 1/8" mild steel flat bar. As far as the stock cross members go, do you guys recommend boxing and notching out spaces for the cross members or cutting them out and putting in new cross members? Does anyone have any tips or trick for...
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    What do you guys recommend for holding Dzus buttoms down with, I'm not sure if I hould use rivets or what. Also how many buttons do you recommend to use on fenders and bedsides, as well as were to put them. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by punkassslacker on 07/20/02 06:49 PM (server...