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  1. xrider92882

    Shock Locks?

    I remember seeing an ad once for keyed locks that went over your shock bolt nuts in order to prevent theft. Does anyone know where I can find these? Also, any other ideas are greatly appreciated as well. Thanks
  2. xrider92882

    Unethical deal on classifieds. Ad# 90240

    Well it finally happened. After many years of successfully purchasing stuff over the Internet, from people within the off road community, I finally got burnt. I did get my money back, but I am pretty pissed off and I want to out this guy to as many people as I can, so that no one else will fall...
  3. xrider92882

    Done a lot of reading, but finally decided to join

    Hello - My name is Greg and I have read a lot of threads on this site over the past couple of years and I finally decided to take the time to join. I do some class 10 and 12 racing (friends car) and have a 4 seat Baja Shop/Hustler prerunner buggy, as well as a 1995 Brocno with glass and...