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  1. Devin J

    Carlos' beamed Dodge Cummins

    I'll have to show this to the guys @ work. I work @ Cummins Northwest!
  2. Devin J

    If you're a racer.....

    Just heard you telling about it on Ellis' show, wish I was closer!
  3. Devin J


    Very nice work! Looks like you won't have any trouble getting a job anytime soon!
  4. Devin J

    RG on the Jason Ellis show

    No awesome world, Robby invited him to an event of some sort on May 29th. No details given, just the date.
  5. Devin J

    RG on the Jason Ellis show

    Anyone catch the Ellis show today, when Robby called in?
  6. Devin J

    1996 F150 buil-up

    PM sent!
  7. Devin J

    1996 F150 buil-up

    Looks good! Where did you get those trick seat mounts?
  8. Devin J

    DIRTYMINDS Mega Quickie

    That is so cool! Good job, excellent work! Please thank him for his service from this RDC member! I LOVE toyotas!
  9. Devin J

    TaxPayer Funded Racing - The Duece

    Thank you for your service! Very cool build, I LOVE toyotas!
  10. Devin J

    The "Project"

    Do you really have to act out like that? What's the point? My reason for the "swinging" is, I'm interested about the project, and I want to see more of it. If someone shows interest in someone else's work, it could be seen as motivation for the guy doing the work. Kinda like if someone built...
  11. Devin J

    If I had some spare change I'd buy it!!!

    Love this truck, it's been my screen saver for years, and why I always have a toyota!
  12. Devin J

    The "Project"

  13. Devin J


    Just read through the whole thread,...Glad you're OK! Beautiful work, sorry you have to re-do a few things!
  14. Devin J

    yota build

    Looks good, I love toyotas!
  15. Devin J

    Cummins Suburban conversion

    That's awesome! I work for Cummins and it's cool to see all of these swaps popping up all over!
  16. Devin J

    **New Oregon's Paisley 400 thread**

    As Scott said, you can reach us @ [email protected], and send us a message. We are going to get this done , no matter what! The support that ANYONE can bring to the table will be a great resource for EVRYONE when this happens. We only have to get the hard part done & over with ONCE...
  17. Devin J

    **New Oregon's Paisley 400 thread**

    Hello all, We are still hard at it to make this dream a reality, but we could use some backing from other race organizations, off-road clubs, and other like minded folks. As you can imagine, we are encountering some heavy resistance from a certain "group" that want to put an end to any...
  18. Devin J

    Inde-Fab's El Camino

    Very cool! I've always thought an El camino would be a cool build. Without checking back to the previous pages, has Mark Newhan chimed in on this? I recall reading that he had built one some time ago?
  19. Devin J

    I want to change my Screen name

    Ok, how about "Devin J" ? Thank you!