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    Where are the SF 250 photos?

    Facebook and Instagram. Race-Dezert is becoming obsolete.
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    What happened to Acer at the MINT 400?

    As a spectator, never saw him come by. The tracker shows him last at mile 4. Any idea what happened?
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    Follow The Mint 400 with Tracking, Live Leaderboard and SMS Text Updates!

    Race-dezert posted more pictures and updates to facebook and twitter than their own website. Spectator areas were oversold again for the third year in a row. (And did the prices increase from $10 to $25?) The people in control of parking look like convicts doing community service hours. It's...
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    Baja 1000 race day thread

    #3 pitted at RM 643, just 4 miles before stopping.
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    Thoughts on the "1000" PPV that SCORE is offering?

    I loaded it on two computers.. Both show black screens, no sound.
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    My Mint 400 - Motorsports Safety Solutions

    Sorry to hear that your team member was treated disrespectfully when he/she was volunteering their time to help others. Spec area 4 was way oversold again, for the second year in a row there was nowhere to park (Even with my paid reserved pass). The parking attendant recommended that I write a...
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    Official 2015 BITD - The Mint 400 - Thread

    I just want to add in here that I thought the helicopter pilots were exceptionally skilled. To have so many helicopters all flying in such proximity and so low to the ground was pretty amazing. I saw quite a few kids that really enjoyed the low flyovers. I can't imagine the level of coordination...
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    Official 2015 BITD - The Mint 400 - Thread

    What these guys are saying are that the corrected times are not correct. Disregard the initial start times and think about the Restart times.
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    Class 9 vs UTV challenge

    Just behind motorcycles and ATV
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    Mint 400 SPEC 1-3 & VIP Parking Passes Still Available - SPEC 4 Sold Out

    I COMPLETELY AGREE! We parked at spec 4 as well, which was supposed to be the 30 mile marker viewing area. We arrived around 11AM and the area was full. Overflow parking had us parked so far away from the spectator area that I think we were actually closer to the 90 mile marker on the other side...
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    MInt 400 1500 controversy

    Be careful how you talk to the king and mint 400 first place champion! Do you have any idea the brand name recognition and legitimacy that Robby brings to the sport? Not to mention the Toyo Tires support and Traxxas/speed energy money and promotion. Maybe threatening a lawsuit wasn't the best...
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    Official 2015 BITD - The Mint 400 - Thread

    Awesome video!! I saw a spelling mistake, " Robby Gordon 2nd place", should be corrected to "First Place"
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    Robert Acer new video!

    Great video. Why can't we get this kind of quality on TV?
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    Mint 400 SPEC 1-3 & VIP Parking Passes Still Available - SPEC 4 Sold Out

    I just received my Mint 400 parking pass in the mail. Just FYI the pass also came with a Mad Media DVD, 2 different beer cozies (bottle and can), 3 different stickers (RDC & Mad Media), parking instructions, a pamphlet with the times and dates of all events, and a quality map print out. Well done!
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    Mint 400 SPEC 1-3 & VIP Parking Passes Still Available - SPEC 4 Sold Out

    Got a pass for spec 4. Was more than happy to pay the money.
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    Mint 400 SPEC 1-3 & VIP Parking Passes Still Available - SPEC 4 Sold Out

    Can someone please describe (in some detail) The difference between spectating areas? Can you also clarify; If I park in Spec 1 will I be able to back up a truck to the fence line? I'm taking the wife, this is only her second race. And my first time at the MINT (I've been to many other races)...
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    Looking to buy photos.

    2015 -Score & BITD
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    Looking to buy photos.

    I'm looking to buy Exclusive rights for DIGITAL photos of the #1 , #21 and # 98 trucks from SF250 and Parker. I contacted all the usual websites but they want to sell me coffee mugs and t-shirts. They can be taken with your phone camera or your professional camera. Doesn't matter as long as...
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    Congrats to Enrque Zazueta, class 5-1600 winner

    @Wilson Photos on your website look like you hit an animal. Truth? And 2x Ironman in a baja bug.. If I ever buy a TT, I know who I want driving for me! @Zazueta Racing Congratulations on your strong finish. I watched you for 2 days on the tracker, couldn't believe you kept such a fast pace...
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    Impact of score phasing out motorcycles

    I've heard that Baja Pits and similar pit clubs will be cutting their pit numbers in half next year if the number of entry's continue to decline. The motorcycle only pits (spread 50-60 miles) are starting to take a loss in revenue. Pits spread 150 miles is likely in the future and motorcycles...