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    What happened to Acer at the MINT 400?

    As a spectator, never saw him come by. The tracker shows him last at mile 4. Any idea what happened?
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    Looking to buy photos.

    I'm looking to buy Exclusive rights for DIGITAL photos of the #1 , #21 and # 98 trucks from SF250 and Parker. I contacted all the usual websites but they want to sell me coffee mugs and t-shirts. They can be taken with your phone camera or your professional camera. Doesn't matter as long as...
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    Impact of score phasing out motorcycles

    I've heard that Baja Pits and similar pit clubs will be cutting their pit numbers in half next year if the number of entry's continue to decline. The motorcycle only pits (spread 50-60 miles) are starting to take a loss in revenue. Pits spread 150 miles is likely in the future and motorcycles...
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    Question towing race car

    I was thinking about just renting a uhaul auto transport for $50 a day when needed instead of buying and storing a regular trailer. It's for a 5-1600 car. I think the uhaul trailer will weigh more than the car. Is this a dumb idea?
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    Baja to hit by Cat 4 hurricane

    The 1000 is going to be a mess. Protect life and property.
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    UTV changes

    Score will allow single seat UTV and UTV with stock fuel tank at next race. Racing seat NOT required. This is for one race only. Check website for more info http://score-international.com/utv-classes-at-the-rigid-industries-score-desert-challenge/
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    What happeneed to RG at mint?

    Heard he blew a transmission on RM 2? Completely unexpected from one of the best drivers in the world, not to mention he probably operates on a unlimited budget. -Who takes the blame for this? It was very disappointing not seeing his truck at all.
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    5/1600 in the works.

    Unfortunately, I'm behind schedule to race this year, but expect a nice car for late 2014-2015. Here are some build pics as requested. I picked her up from a charity for $500 and was supposed to be a 69, but ended up a 67. They didn't have any paperwork on her so I registered it as "reclaimed...
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    5/1600 rear tires.

    Hello all! I'm looking for some 33" tires to replace my BFG all terrains that are currently on the rear of my Baja bug. The main issue I have now, is the current tires are square and too grabby.. I'm looking for something more rounded and professional - The Mickey Thompson tires look the best...
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    Finished building my 5-16 now what?

    Ok so I officially have a car that I feel is race worthy and from what i gather so far, another 5-1600 car will be welcomed in the field. :) My question is where to go now, or rather how to start racing? Right now it's just me and my car. I have no co driver, chase crew, nothing. My family...
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    5/1600 fiberglass kit.

    Anyone know where to get a good 5/16 fiberglass kit? Everything I've come across has been ridiculously expensive. I also can not find a way to ship a one piece front end. Should I get the one piece hood with light cut outs? Any other tips to save me frustration? Tires will be 33's Suggestions...
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    Podium finish payouts?

    How is prize money awarded for Score/Snore? I know nobody expects to make money in off road racing, but can a winning team at least cover prep and race cost?
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    baja bug rear end conversion fair price?

    Hi, I have a baja bug in the shop right now being converted from swing axle to irs, which I plan on being a 5-1600 car. I got a estimate from the mechanic/ fab guy of $5500 parts and $5000 labor. His goal is to replace everything in the rear end for race ready. The car already has a full roll...
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    Robby Gordon cheating?

    Can someone explain this video and why it's cheating? Watch "Robby Gordon Caught Cheating!!! Baja 1000 2013" on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5MuJ13iZcY&feature=youtube_gdata_player
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    Class 9 Baja 1000 Entry

    It's been awhile since I last saw a class 9 in Baja. I wish you the best and hope for more entry's in the future. #1 9 car fan, Bannanaz
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    Hello my name is Matt

    Hi my name is Matt. I've been reading these forums for over a year and decided to create an account so that I can reply to some post. I live in oceanside California My favorite classes are the limited classes namely, 5-1600, 9s, and 11s. My least favorite classes are TT and class 1, only...