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  1. Bajated

    Long Beach Racers Spec Engine Tundra Trophy Truck Build

    After winning the SCORE Stock Mini class championship in 2012, Long Beach Racers took a year off racing to regroup and decide what's next for us. Our first truck was another class champion, the 7S Tacoma that made the cover of DirtSports in June 2005. As much as we love racing Tacomas, we...
  2. Bajated

    San Felipe drawing results/start order

    Did anyone get the drawing results before SCORE's website went down? If so, please post them here!
  3. Bajated

    Long Beach Racers Baja Series Tacoma Build

    This summer, Toyota gave Long Beach Racers the opportunity to build a new Stock Mini Tacoma to race in the Baja 1000. Our goal was to add the required SCORE safety equipment and necessary allowable modifications while keeping the rest of the truck as stock as possible. This was partly because...
  4. Bajated

    Baja 500 New Summit Notes

    Mike Jarboe is pre running with Joe Bacal in the Lexus and said the new Summit section was very bad. It took them 3 hours to go 8 miles. This is the stock truck, not the race truck, but the race truck is only about twice as fast, so they are concerned. They said it's very steep with a lot of...
  5. Bajated

    Low cost, low drama Trophy Kart racing?

    Is LOORS the only TK racing in SoCal? My middle son raced the MORE TK race last summer and had a blast. Jim's obviously too busy nowadays to put a TK race together, and LOORS $240 entry fee is steep for a kid who just wants to race for fun. Would love to see an informal, "run what you brung"...
  6. Bajated

    LBR Tundra Prerunner - In Progress

    Here are some shots of my new (well, slightly used) Tundra undergoing transformation at Solo Motorsports. When it's all done it will have Long Travel all the way around, 500+ HP (TRD Supercharged), 37's, and be (hopefully) a good all-around prerunner/chase vehicle/daily driver...
  7. Bajated

    All 7S / 7SX Racers - Need your contact info

    Jerry from Camburg and I are trying to set up a meeting of drivers of record to recommend a new rules package to SCORE which would: 1) Combine 7S and 7SX once and for all 2) Allow us to buy off the shelf suspension parts rather than having to make everything from scratch, similar to the...
  8. Bajated

    Whattup Fellas

    My Name is Ted Moncure, I'm 35, from Long Beach. I race a 7S Tacoma. I've been around helping out other teams in Baja since 1990, but my Brother Nick and I just started racing for ourselves at the 1000 in 2003. We were fortunate enough to win the 1000 this year - driving into La Paz was a...