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  1. D.G.F

    Putting cnc petals in Baja

    I have a Baja bug that I'm building and have a few questions.my first one is I'm putting pedals in my car And I was wondering if I can cut part of the firewall to be able to put the res out side of the cab. I know on cars when you cut the firewall out you lose structural strength of the body...
  2. D.G.F

    full cell bolts torque spec?

    hi i have a 16 gallon fuelsafe call that i took the top of the bladder to change the fittings. my question is whats the torque that you put on the bolts here is a picture to better explain which bolts im talking about
  3. D.G.F

    baja steering rack

    i took the stock steering box out of my bug and now have a center rack in it. i want to use the stock steering column so i can have the turn signal. how do you keep the steering wheel in place with no slop. now that i have made my own linkage to the rack i can pull the wheel to me about a half...
  4. D.G.F

    Devvon Graham

    hello my name is Devvon Graham i live in Henderson NV. i havc grew up race dirt bike and finally got the chance to start racing cars and love . i race a class 9 and i have a 1969 baja.