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    On Topic 12 car and trailer stolen from Cerritos California

    Randy Ross’s 12 car and white mighty mover enclosed trailer stolen this weekend keep a look out and contact me if you see it no pics of the trailer But it had Ross racing decals I’m sure peeled off Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert mobile app
  2. redline

    BLM shooting people now?

    ...was "wouldn't be a problem if you were over there!" He then got vin number and my info and said he was going to go check the vehicle wasn't stolen and that i didnt have any warrants, then he would decide what we were going to do. "i have enough to impound this already! and plus you have your...
  3. AZ7000'

    Border Paperwork

    ...their corrupt ****. "you, you, and you get NO MONEY" "turn us around", we were close to Yuma so printed a copy of the reg at the DMV and returned and were waived right through... In my book respect for those doing their jobs, may be my stolen bike crossing... Dirty workers, I'm in their...
  4. JDDurfey

    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    ...was decapitated and I believe every one died at the scene or shortly after. Yes the body of the son of a cartel leader was said to have been stolen from the morgue because the Fedreralies were keeping it and trying to lure the cartel leader into making an appearance. I got in the car and...
  5. JDDurfey

    Erzberg Rodeo

    Lyndon Poskit was on his way there when his van was broken into during a lunch break and his E bikes were stolen. I think he managed to find another bike and is there. There is an American from AZ there I believe.
  6. TwistyItch

    Beware of scammer (longthing321@gmail.com )on classifieds

    ...a great price. The tipoff is that he insisted on using escrowvehicleshipper.com That website is registered to a panamanian company and is a stolen copy of dasautoshippers.com. Glad I did a little research. Avoid any ad where the seller insists on using escrowvehicleshipper.com - that...
  7. I

    Stolen Race Trailer 24' white v-nose, Intrepid Off Road/4455 Stickers

    Our race trailer was stolen in late march from Escondido, CA (San Diego County). We assume that it probably went to Mexico since that's where a lot of things go when stolen from southern California. It's a white 24' v-nose trailer. It had our stickers on it as you can see in the photos. They've...
  8. JCBajaVoyager

    NORRA Mexican 1000

    ...happy with this since they have to bring a lot of things, chase truck , trailers , etc. All I can say i's that We never ever had anything taken or stolen from any client vehicle, We use our own staff all the way down so We have not much to risk. Thank you for staying with us and see You next...
  9. Rory

    NORRA Mexican 1000

    ...that BV offers security for our vehicles? That's a great service for down in Mexico! I guess my question would be what if something gets stolen from my vehicle that is in the security area? If I'm paying for the service I'm guessing there has to be some sort of coverage? If so, count me in!
  10. K

    La Paz Cocktail Mix race truck, 1977 F250 4x4

    I also like to thank BF Goodrich for the tires and Edelbrock for the heads and intake. Note: The original heads/intake were stolen from Rodney years ago...prior to the sale of the truck to me.
  11. M

    San Felipe 250 place to stay

    ...of us. online it only showed it was like $160 a night, so $800. do they jack the prices up that much on race weekend? or will i get the good rate if i book early? also we want to bring RZRs next year, wheres a good house to stay sleeps alot that has a pool and is secure so my **** wont get...
  12. troyharper

    Share your jokes!!!! -- Mature Subject Matter

    ...of you the finger and cursing at him. I noticed the 'What Would Jesus Do' bumper sticker, the 'Choose Life' license plate holder, the 'Follow Me to Sunday-School' bumper sticker, and the chrome-plated Christian fish emblem on the trunk, so naturally I assumed you had stolen the car." Priceless.
  13. JDDurfey

    Did a broke kid from Pahrump just solve the 4 Wheel Drive Trophy Truck Reliability problem?

    My brother worked with a company that makes a "foam" that can be used for all sorts of things. I asked him if they had a patent on it and he said "No" for the very reason that you have stated. Once you file for a patent your ingredients and designs are public record and anyone can tweak it...
  14. Chris Tobin

    Did a broke kid from Pahrump just solve the 4 Wheel Drive Trophy Truck Reliability problem?

    I feel your pain... That is why I currently do not have a website for my photos. I sell them to those that want them as needed, but I don't want people steeling my work!!! I bought the camera gear and stood out in the sun all day taking the shots, I don't want anyone steeling my hard work!!! I...
  15. S

    Did a broke kid from Pahrump just solve the 4 Wheel Drive Trophy Truck Reliability problem?

    ...cover it up, that way no one could steal them. He was referring to the one guy that had most of his farming and land moving equipment ideas stolen from him by one of the America's largest earth moving companies. Eventually he did just that, he took one of his earth movers and buried all of...
  16. S

    Did a broke kid from Pahrump just solve the 4 Wheel Drive Trophy Truck Reliability problem?

    ...is why I'm here now. We haven't been shown everything because that's where all the tricky stuff is. I still I don't like it when things are stolen outright and I will always be quick on the attack when I see it happening. I take nothing back from what I said because at the end of the day, I...
  17. R

    Registering a trophy truck / custom build in AZ for legal street driving?

    ...in Arizona , basically as stated above the big ticket items( frame, engine, etc) have serial numbers and they will check to see if reported stolen. On a custom build they will list it as a Special construction as you stated above. For a trophy truck to be legal for road use in Arizona you...
  18. Crusty Shellback

    Registering a trophy truck / custom build in AZ for legal street driving?

    ...I go to register it. Some states want a Proof of Purchase or Bill of Sale for all the big ticket items, motor, transmission, etc. to show it is not stolen. Depending on the state, some will only register as special construction and have certain smog rules it must meet. Others will let you register...
  19. AZ7000'

    2018 SCORE San Felipe 250

    Do I need a passport? Should I get my drinks without ice cubes? Why is the toilet paper in the trash? Is it safe in Baja? I heard someone got something stolen, oh, that was in Vegas/Barstow/Laughlin. ;)
  20. N

    No TT for RG this weekend.

    did the missing/stolen utv ever show up?