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    Team plan?

    I'm setting up a group of friends to race the Mint 400. I'm hoping someone with a bit of experience may be willing to share a team itinerary with me. Like a spreadsheet of individual duties, overall team prep etc.. anyone have something like that which I can build off of and get a good starting...
  2. Jeffers909

    Weddle Industries TJ Craig Memorial Sweet 16 Shootout - $8000 in Bonuses, $3500+ value in prizes, and $600 per car payback purse!

    ENTER NOW! $600 Per Entry Pay Back Purse for top 3 finishers (20 cars, $12,000 cash purse). $3000 Weddle Bonus (Top Qualifier, Fast Lap, Mr. Consistent) $2000 McKENZIE'S Bonus $1000 TJ Craig Memorial Bonus $1000 MORE bonus to winner with a high compression motor ($500 for a podium finish)...
  3. SkullRush

    2017 RATR A Little Love for the 1600 Cars!

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