1. Ben_grund

    1979 K5 Blazer more travel?

    Good Evening, Off Road Community! I have a couple questions that I hope y’all can help me with. I just turned 17 a week ago and have a 79 k5 that I’m wanting to make a play toy. I am looking to increase the travel on my k5 and I’m sure someone has done something like this. I know all the...
  2. 327-rangerunner

    93 Ford Ranger Travel

    Hello, I am building a 93 Ranger and I am wondering how much tear travel can I get if I don’t cut the frame. My goal is to keep all the frame as I’m doing this on kind of a budget, but I want to get maximum wheel travel out of it. I will be 4 linking the rear and was hoping that I would be able...
  3. D

    4link drive shaft??

    Hey guys, starting the 4 link on my 2012 f150 with the 6.5' bed, what's the best place to get a drive shaft that will handle the 24" travel??
  4. justin stephens

    Rear suspension issues?

    hello, im not sure if this is the correct section on these forums to ask these questions so please forgive me. i have a 92 f150 camburg long travel i beams in front and 4-linked in rear. i am new to 4 link and to the whole prerunner scene completely so please help me. i only have 3" of droop...