1. Ty Owings

    Class 6100 Parker 425 pictures

    This thread consists of pictures of 6100 trucks from parker 425 that were taken by me. If you drop your race number below, I will post any pics I have if they are not already in the thread.
  2. Z

    PISTOL PETES WRECKED tt spec (crashed by dead beats who wont pay)

    On October 27th Tim Kennedy contacted me and explained how his "billionaire" son, Terry, wanted to start racing offroad and wanted a trophy truck, so I told him I know where a tt spec was and told him the price. Tim said, "Great sounds good. Let's meet this weekend." When we arrived, Terry said...
  3. John F2000

    TDRA Lonestar 200 (VIDEO) 2017

    First Lap Short edit Video: Complete First Lap Video: My son and I went to race the TDRA (Texas Desert Racing Association) Lonestar 200 in Notrees Texas this year. Wanted to thank Trey for making us feel very welcome and putting on a great event. The off road community couldn’t have been...
  4. Toyo Time

    Who Makes the Best 6100 Chassis?

    I've been watching this for a while and know that it's a very big class with lots of options. Who makes the best chassis that is fast and easy to maintain? Also, there may be a better one for BITD than SCORE, since SCORE allows larger tires.
  5. Samco Fab

    6100 vs. Spec TT engines

    I noticed today that SCORE is calling for a Tagged 525HP engine for Spec TT, and a 77" max track width.....Typo? Any trans rules? Turn Key says that there is a different tag for SCORE than there is for BITD. If GM's 440 HP motor actually makes 480HP, what is the real power of the 525...
  6. Michael Power


    After having such a blast last year with Adam Lunn and his team of well behaved lunatics we are exploring the idea of a return. A sponsor has approached us last minute in the hopes that we can return and continue our shenanigans with the bearded giant and KJ. With the support of Race-dezert...
  7. Jerry Zaiden

    On Topic Camburg Racing's bad luck at the 2015 BITD Vegas to Reno race. Also thank you Joe DeLucie

    Here is the in-car video of us and the huge rock we hit in the sand wash at mm75. After hitting the rock we sat there for 4 hours until Joe DeLucie pulled us off the rock. Thanks Joe!