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  1. 02 Ranger

    How to get into Prerunning?

    What would you recommend for someone not knowing much about prerunners, advice, brands to use/not use. Can it be done cheaply? What is a good truck to do it with? Can it be a daily driver? or anything else you might suggest for a beginner. Thanks!
  2. S

    New Sandrail Owner - Type of Frame?

    Good morning, I am new to the sandrail community and would really appreciate some help in identifying the type of frame I have. I have no idea purchased a bit back and am just looking for information. Pictures uploaded. Its street legal and I am also looking for some advice on shocks, rims...
  3. J0k3R

    On Topic Advice

    My name is Eli, currently i am member of the Navy, but my real intrest are in racing. As of the past few years i have become more and more intreged by rally racing. i did some street racing in my high scholl days, and did well. i want to take a more professional route to become a racer in the...
  4. J0k3R

    On Topic Need Advice

    I am looking at getting into rallyracing. It has been a few years since i raced, and that was on the streets of south texas. I dont really know alot about rally, but i am open to everythingi can learn. Mostly i am looking at the best class to start racing, and how climbing the ranks goes. Thank...