1. cagrogan

    What Size Axle Do I Need

    I have a 2001 Ford ranger in the process of being built into a prerunner. I have the 2wd BTF race kit for the front end, I was told it’ll sit at about 86”. With that being said , I would like to get a 9” rear but I need to know what size from hub to hub I need it to be, what axle swap would you...
  2. Mike Kegs

    Toyota Truck Build Questions

    Hello fellow enthusiasts! I'm mid build on my Toyota Truck build and would like some advice from the experienced on how to compliment or package the drivetrain. Needing advice or rear axle bolt pattern and 4 corner brake setup. Whats left of the chassis is 1989 Truck. Build details: MLRE...
  3. JesseK

    Tatum rear hub too tight / rebuild question

    Does anyone have experience and / or advice on rebuilding outboard hubs? Is it possible to set bearing preload? Anything is greatly appreciated, thanks I've just rebuilt the tatum rear hubs on my class 12 and they are way too tight. On the bench it takes one guy to hold the assembly and...