1. Klaus

    2015 Baja 1000 - Coverage

    Schedule: <PDF> Thursday, November 19th - Contingency, Tech Inspection and Registration Ensenada Friday, November 20th - 06:00 Bike start Friday, November 20th - 11:35 Cars and Truck start Sunday, November 22nd - 10:00 Awards at Riviera Cultural Center Distance: 840miles / 1352km Time limit...
  2. Manuel Antonio

    Where to Watch?: 2015 B1k

    For the people that are going to watch the Race in the San Felipe area: Where exactly are you watching it, and what time are you expecting cars to pass by? What other spot you suggest? Based on a 60 mph average speed, we were thinking of Zoo Road and expect them between 8 and 9 pm. Am I Ok...
  3. Jimmy Jackpot

    B1K Ready Driver or Navigator

    Looking for a seat to help finish B1K for any team! New at most the truck stuff but have finished the Mint 400 in a class 3000 and finished V2R in a 6100 this year and have my own Class 7 open Pre Runner!! I mostly ride and race Bikes have done B250 and B1K before and do bike tours in Baja and...