baja 1000

  1. TwistyItch

    Push-button hydration system for all race classes (motos and vehicles)

    LiquidAider - push button hydration system is used in SCORE, Dirt Co, BITD, WESS, AZOP, American Hard Enduro plus ADV and road races. Used by some of America's top racers and all declare it makes hydration easier than ever and they drink more as a result. Gain an immediate advantage over anyone...
  2. Bridges

    FLASHBACK - Youngest B1K Winner CLASS 1 Justin Davis

    TIME FLYS >> Flashback 8 years ago then 16 year old Justin Davis GREEN ARMY broke the record book as the youngest VICTORY ever running IRONMAN in Unlimited CLASS 1. One hell of a run for a very young man going toe to toe with the biggest names in the business...
  3. Curtis Guise

    2019 Baja Pits Baja 1000 Map

    Here is the 2019 Baja Pits Baja 1000 map, provided by Baja Jones. PDF is also attached.
  4. Kademcfarland

    Baja 1000 spectating

    Hey guys im new to race-dezert! Im going to spectate the baja 1000 for the first time this year and i got an airbnb in ensenada but im not sure where to watch the race at? If any of you have a place that you watch at or any info that would be great!!!
  5. Class10DAN


    here are some go fund me's for people who want to pursue their desert racing dream. please share to friends and family and donate if possible or dont... TEAM F#CK CANCER LETS GET HIM TO BAJA 1000 BAJA...
  6. Class10DAN


    hey guys, i was looking on a Reddit on stuff about the 1k and i saw that someone had set up a go fund me. wen i read into it it was none other the coco himself, the go fund me was to give back to coco, no one has the spirit of the 1000 like coco, he is the most kind, humble, giving person ever...
  7. Class10DAN

    SCORE Baja 1000 Race Course

    hey just wanted to know what the 1000 race course is this year, i havent seen anything yet. i may just be stupid.
  8. kris_r

    Seeking to join SCORE/Baja motorcycle team

    Hi all! First time poster. Go easy on me. I'm a long time dirt bike rider from the Mt. Hood, OR area, though I've never competed except for a couple flat track races on vintage Yamaha XS650s. A long time goal of mine is to build a team and race in the Baja 1000. I'm hoping to find a...
  9. TwistyItch

    New hydration system coming

    Hey there, first is that I do not want to break any rules, written or implied, but I wanted to alert you that we are almost in production and make an offer. LiquidAider is a push-button hydration system that takes the suck tube out of your mouth and replaces it with a nozzle in your helmet. The...
  10. Bajabro1

    My San Felipe 250 5/1600 Race Experience with Herrera Prepwerks

    The 5/1600 Class is not dead. Let me repeat that again... The 5/1600 Class is not dead... I just had the most epic weekend at the San Felipe 250. For the second year in a row, I got to co-drive the most brutal San Felipe terrain, but this time in a 5/1600 Baja Bug with the Herrera...
  11. mxben

    RIDER/RIDERS 2019 BAJA 500/1000

    I am looking to either pick up a legit guy for a 30+ effort for this years 500/1000 or get in with a team looking for a rider. My name is Ben Hagle and I grew up racing mx, was a decent intermediate locally and qualified for Loretta Lynns twice. I have tens of thousands of miles logged...
  12. S

    The Azteca War - Elias Hanna - Baja 1000 2018 VIDEO

    Great competition and awesome racing soloing this event plus the fight door to door, bumper to bumper with the best teams of the moment, makes this race the One to remember.!! Enjoy the show!!!
  13. Curtis Guise

    Bob Bower's "What about you?" (must read before heading to Baja)

    I don't think Bob Bower has posted this in here recently. It's always a good read for a reality check before crossing the border. WHAT ABOUT YOU? I will be blunt. Not brief. This may be the wrong time for brevity. Deal with it. It is possible that there will be at least one less member of the...
  14. P

    Pressure Pro Safety Video

    Hey guys this is Vince from Offroad Fueling Systems, just want to make sure that all the Pressure Pro teams watch the safety video to refresh on the proper procedures for the sake of safety and performance. Video is below. Thanks, Vince Offroad Fueling Systems
  15. TwistyItch

    About 95 Baja 1000 videos at about mile 82 - 84

    I posted all the videos I had from about mile 82 - 84 at the following link. Some of the cars I missed seeing and some I did not film well. A few look really good. I also think the video quality went down a bit when posting. You should be a able to download. Sorry if I missed your...
  16. 51rcr

    How did all the Vintage cars at the 1000 do?

    We made it all the way in the V511 jeep scrambler but with some work. Took us 58:31 so we were out of official time. at 1013 our time was up so we did some extra repairs to make sure we made the end. The chop was horrible and was every where. The whoops for miles I sure wish we could have...
  17. SkullRush

    2017 SEMA Show Off Road Report Jeeps Trucks UTV's Baja 1000

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  18. M

    (Video) Apdaly Lopez conquers the 50th Baja 1000!

    The Champ is here! Congrats to Apdaly Lopez for winning the 50th Baja 1000 and clinching the points championship! Check out this piece we produced to showcase the brutality BFGoodrich Tires can withstand! #apdalylopez #madmedia #bfgoodrichtires
  19. starider

    Pictures Baja 1000 Bikes & Quads @ Mile 360

    Hi All, here are my pictures from the Baja 1000 @ Mile 360, all Bikes and most Quads. Cars will follow. The pictures are in order how they passed Mile 360 If you are like your pictures you can buy them for $5US each or $25US for all pictures of your race number. The pictures coming in high...
  20. M

    Baja 1000 after parties

    I know there are a lot of after parties going on in La Paz but here is an important one! Rod has been a racer and an ambassador of our culture for over 50 years! Let's give him a little love! Come honor Rod Hall for his 80th birthday at the finish line for the Baja 1000 in La Paz! #rodhall...