1. mxben


    Two part question. Who do you guys recommend out of the San Quintin/Old mill area for a fishing charter? And are the coast roads south of Colonet typically open all year long if we wanted to cruise down in the raptor? Looking at Maybe jumping in around Colonet , b500 course reference VCP...
  2. Larry Negrete Jr

    5/16 Day Anniversary

    Happy 5/16 Day! 2 years ago today I created the “5-1600 Racers” page on Facebook! Thank you all for your contributions to the page and to our class! The goal was to create a social media platform for our class to get people motivated to bring their old cars back out of retirement and to welcome...
  3. DRK760

    Looking for a dual sport

    Hi I’m looking for a dual sport sand rail/ prerunner my budget is 30-45k financed looking for a decent one that has an ls engine with king coil overs and bypass, it needs to have decent/ modern interior and solid color,something that can handle Baja, dunes, desert etc located in the San Diego...
  4. TheCarCrazedKid

    Desert Truck Advice

    Hello Offroad Community! My name is Kyle and I'm huge into any sort of racing and high-performance race cars and trucks. I love any high-performance vehicles and cool looking vehicles. I turned 16 this December and I've been saving all my money since I was about 5 for a car/truck. I go to a CTE...
  5. John F2000

    FST 250 Worlds Fastest 250cc Dirt Bike

    In 1989 I built the Worlds Fastest Competitive dirt bike. Now 30 years later I am sharing the story of an amazing motorcycle and hopefully soon will race it in one of the upcoming NORRA events. Prior to building the FST 250, some at the time referred to it as Relampago, I developed a...
  6. W

    Looking for a 2 seat Class 9

    I am in the market for a turn key 2 seat Class 9. Anyone have anything for sale?
  7. Jerry Zaiden

    Camburg Northern California Offroad trip

    Here is a recent video of our last trip up to northern California. Next trip will be in Baja!
  8. Bredbaker

    Researching Bronco History for upcoming book

    I am happy to report that I have signed a contract to write a book about the history of the Ford Bronco in off road racing and rally. The book is being published by Car Tech out of Minnesota. I never thought of myself as a book author after years of magazine writing but here I am and I am...
  9. Kademcfarland

    Baja 1000 spectating

    Hey guys im new to race-dezert! Im going to spectate the baja 1000 for the first time this year and i got an airbnb in ensenada but im not sure where to watch the race at? If any of you have a place that you watch at or any info that would be great!!!
  10. Class10DAN


    here are some go fund me's for people who want to pursue their desert racing dream. please share to friends and family and donate if possible or dont... TEAM F#CK CANCER LETS GET HIM TO BAJA 1000 BAJA...
  11. Class10DAN


    hey guys, i was looking on a Reddit on stuff about the 1k and i saw that someone had set up a go fund me. wen i read into it it was none other the coco himself, the go fund me was to give back to coco, no one has the spirit of the 1000 like coco, he is the most kind, humble, giving person ever...
  12. Larry Negrete Jr

    Throwback Thursday

    Let's take a stroll down memory lane... Join me in posting some old school off-road racing pictures as we make our way through the week. It's almost Friday everyone! Short stories are welcome also.
  13. mxben

    RIDER FOR HIRE 2019 BAJA 500/1000

    I am looking to either pick up a legit guy for a 30+ effort for this years 500/1000 or get in with a team looking for a rider. My name is Ben Hagle and I grew up racing mx, was a decent intermediate locally and qualified for Loretta Lynns twice. I have tens of thousands of miles logged riding...
  14. paulcbcfs

    2019 Parker 425 Morning Race Pictures!

    Hey Everyone! We all know the real racing happens in the limited classes. Maybe I'm biased being a class 11 guy, but anyways here are pictures of the true warriors of the sport: The Morning Racers! Do as you wish with these photos, they are all mine and I do this for fun! Regards, Paul...
  15. B

    New Useful Tool Idea Survey

    I'm working on a project for my high school engineering class. I'm trying to design a cheep hydraulic press using a car jack in order to press parts without having to spend money taking it to a shop. if you wouldn't mind please take this quick survey. Click HERE
  16. P

    Roadrunner Rally 2019

    Experience the amazing riding that “Los Cabos” and the Baja California Peninsula has to offer you in a 100% Rally Raid format. Baja California Sur Discover the amazing scenarios and desert roads that we have rounded up for you. See why for over half a century “La Baja” has attracted adventure...
  17. in2baja

    MAG-7 pit support 2018 NORRA

    Hola 2018 NORRA racers.... This is the voice of MAG-7. We have been prepping for the 2018 NORRA Mexican 1000 since Nov. 2017. I have lost track of the number of NORRA round-table meetings and email tweaks over the last few months. I picked a great hobby!!!! MAG-7 will be providing full...
  18. S

    San Felipe help

    HEY THERE!! im going to be racing the san felipe 250 in April but i need help with logistics and places i'm supposed to be at for the race. Can anyone with past experience help me out?
  19. F

    Building first Baja bug

    Hello my name is Nathan and im going to come upon a 1975 vw bug and I want to change it to a Baja bug. Other then changing the fenders and body panels what else would I need to do/change if I want this bug for dune play as well as trails both dirt and mountain?
  20. nickybobby333

    2017 Baja 1000 Stories and Finish thoughts

    I wanted to start a new thread for the moto guys to spread some love! Since this was such a huge race for everybody, I don't want the 4 wheels to overshadow the handlebar guys!. Lets see some pictures, video, carnage, victory, etc... And of course I would love to hear from fellow moto guys...