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  1. nickybobby333

    2017 Baja 1000 Stories and Finish thoughts

    I wanted to start a new thread for the moto guys to spread some love! Since this was such a huge race for everybody, I don't want the 4 wheels to overshadow the handlebar guys!. Lets see some pictures, video, carnage, victory, etc... And of course I would love to hear from fellow moto guys...
  2. PCI Race Radios

    A note from Weatherman about the SCORE Baja 1000

    A note from the Weatherman, The Baja 1000 is an incredible adventure. To properly prepare for it you need to have the mindset of “Expect the Unexpected.” Proper preparation means plenty of time to get to pits for chase crews. Thinking one truck can get your car from Ensenada to La Paz is...
  3. BajaHungary

    1st Baja 1000 Hungarian Racing Team

    Hello from Hungary! I am very new to off-road rally racing but I want to fulfill my dream and complete the Baja 1000 in Class 11 as the first ever hungarian team. I would appreciate all your advises and tips to achive my goal. Now I preparing my first rally car (Lada 2121 (Niva) 1.6) to race in...

    Off Road Motorsports Hall Of Fame Class of 2016

    ORMHOF would like to welcome and congratulate our newest inductees! Reno, Nevada (July 11, 2016) – The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF) is proud to announce the Class of 2016. Twenty members of the off-road community met to evaluate a record number of nominations and have selected...
  5. BoBearSki

    TSCO Racing Baja 1000 Video by Mad Media

    Here's the TSCORacing story from the 2015 Baja 1000 produced by Mad Media.
  6. dezertrdr


    i was wondering if anybody knows where will be the finish of the baja 1k this year.. would it go thru cabo?