1. J

    Some Photos of 53rd SCORE BAJA 500 2021

  2. Papas&Beer

    Baja 500 - $2,500dlls in prizes

    Tenemos algunos premios para los corredores de esta baja 500 edición 2018. $2500 dlls en consumo en Papas&Beer - $500 dlls al motociclista de 2 llantas mas veloz en finalizar - $500 dlls al motociclista Mexicano mas veloz de 2 llantas en finalizar - $500 dlls al vehículo de 4 llantas mas...
  3. nickybobby333

    262x 2017 Baja 500 Race Report and Code Red Update

    I just want to start by saying sorry this is so long. I will be uploading some pictures a little later today. Forward: This was our 3rd Baja 500 and 4th Mexico race after doing San Felipe earlier this year. When we originally made the decision to race in Baja it was really “let’s do the 500...
  4. M

    Satellite Phones for Off-Road Racing

    In off-road racing, communication is paramount. When communication breaks down, you can have all kinds of issues. Nowadays we are so used to using phones, text messages, and email. Whether it’s during a race or pre-running, when you are in are remote locations cut off from cellular service and...