1. Sreidmx

    Class 3 Blazer back from the dead

    So I am the hired gun for Raffo, he hired me to bring that old class 3 gathering dust in his barn back to life. I'm Steve I own Fortify Offroad and we build chevys.. mostly Coilover stuff but we made an exception here.. I like a challenge and figured he canastoga wagon to be a challenge :)...
  2. T

    85' K5 Bazer long travel

    I'm looking for an equal length I-beam kit for an 85' Chevy k5 blazer... I can't seem to find a kit or a person who makes them for my truck. I know it can be done because I've seen it before I just can't find where. Anybody have some suggestions? Follow my truck build @ProjectTrophyBlazer on...