1. Bredbaker

    Researching Bronco History for upcoming book

    I am happy to report that I have signed a contract to write a book about the history of the Ford Bronco in off road racing and rally. The book is being published by Car Tech out of Minnesota. I never thought of myself as a book author after years of magazine writing but here I am and I am...
  2. AssBurns

    TTB Questions and Meaurements

    I'm looking for some opinions and some tech info on the Ford Bronco Dana 44 TTB suspension. A quick idea of what I'm looking to do. I have a 3rd gen 4Runner that I am considering doing a TTB swap in. I want to build a dual purpose vehicle that can take the desert at higher speeds while still...
  3. 5

    Buscando Taller De Reparacion De Transmisiones En Tecate/ Tijuana

    Estoy buscando un taller que hagan buen trabajo en reparar transmisiones. Tengo un Ford Bronco 1995 modelo E40d la computadora me muestra un condigo 628. Si ustedes conocen alguien en Tecate o Tijuana por favor me avisan. Gracias
  4. 02 Ranger

    Clean title or not?

    Does it matter when you're buying your project if its a clean title or Salvage?
  5. 02 Ranger

    How to get into Prerunning?

    What would you recommend for someone not knowing much about prerunners, advice, brands to use/not use. Can it be done cheaply? What is a good truck to do it with? Can it be a daily driver? or anything else you might suggest for a beginner. Thanks!
  6. baja619

    ICON 4x4

    Icon has crafted some beautiful rides. Here is one of the latest. So Clean!! Post some of the others that you all like below. Icon 4x4's Latest Creation: BR #28 To say that Jonathan Ward of Icon 4×4 pays attention to detail is an understatement. Photos and editorial can’t begin to describe...
  7. Michael Power

    GGTR seeking NORRA car to buy or rent.

    Spanish Tony fractured his foot round house kicking a rabid donkey in Spain so Mint400 plans had to put on ice till 2017. Doctors feel confident that he could make the Norra so we have begun the search for a Norra worthy car. Not looking for anything to Pricey.....and to be honest i feel like...