1. Bhebron14

    Pre runner amigo

    I recently bought a 1999 Isuzu amigo 4x4 (3.2l v6, 5 speed manual, Dana 44 rear, 4 linked) with a buddy and am gonna build my first true desert toy. I am just looking for advice from experienced builders for good routes on ifs long travel with a 4x4 and just good places to look for help on...
  2. Minor805

    91 Ranger Build, NEED HELP/POINTERS PLZ

    Looking for 91 Ranger Beams and, Raduis Arms, Trans Mount/radius arm mounts for my prerunner build. Also any other prerunner parts that will work on my build please let me know what you have or idea/suggestions on building my own. Thanks!
  3. ttull001

    Best way to start?

    I want to get into either LOORS Pro Buggy or Torc Pro Lite, leaning more towards Torc since I live in Virginia. Just curious if I should look into buying a pre-built/used vehicle first or start building my own? I still need to really read through the rulebooks for both, but just need some...
  4. J

    bitd vegas to reno racer build

    I am trying to find out where I can get score, bitd class 10 legal frame to build onto. if anyone has a link to a web site they would like to share, I'd greatly appreciate it. I really want to build my own frame but i dont know the specifications I will need to build to. the vegas to reno race...
  5. lsuakme

    Mod Max inspired build questions

    Anyone that follows Mighty Car Mods on youtube will already know what im talking about but over a series of episodes a 200sx/s15 silvia was retrofitted with an ls1+6spd holden manual box, lifted a bit and put on dirt tyres. I like the idea of it as a class 9 car here in nz (2wd/4wd vehicles...
  6. Cpolvoorde

    F100 Build

    Hello everyone. I am currently starting a F100 build for my first car and have some questions. Does anyone know what fiberglass is on this truck below? Thanks