1. B

    Trophy truck build - help

    Hello, everybody, I'm from the Czech Republic and I'm a really big fan of Trophy trucks. Me and my friend have been restoring old cars for many years and we would like to build a Trophy truck. Is there anyone here who could help us with the build? At the moment we are looking for CAD plans for...
  2. Desertdogs44

    CAD Files for designing chassis, etc

    Hi all, was wondering how people get their various parts, motors, etc into the various CAD software. I’m convinced there must be a library of sorts, or forum to trade/source files. You know, shocks, motors, spindles, hubs, wheels, etc. I have Bend-Tech Pro, AutoCad, and Soludworks. Am just...
  3. outlaws4x4

    HELP!!!! FOX 4.0 & 4.4 Byapass CAD files

    Hi guys iv have looked high and low and i cant find a cad file for a FOX 4.0 and 4.4 Bypass shocks. i don't have access to any either otherwise i would just draw them up. i am currently finishing off the design for my new trophy truck and i need the dimensions for correct fitment in the new...
  4. L

    Open Source Prerunner

    Just throwing the idea out there to see if there would be any interest from the community. Maybe its been tried before but has anyone tried to produce a CAD drawing for a LT setup designed by forum members? I'm looking to start my 4x4 prerunner build and would be willing to share my CAD files...