1. TORRA

    CAGEwrx newest TORRA Contingency sponsor for 2017

    TORRA is excited to announce our newest contingency sponsor for 2017. With five entrants in any UTV class, those utilizing a CAGEwrx cage and donning CAGEwrx decals will win $250 for 1st in class, $100 for 2nd in class and $50 for 3rd in class! Off Road Racing in Texas just got a little bit more...
  2. M

    Who the Hell is Chad Ragland?

    If a man is defined by his actions than Chad Ragland is well on his way to becoming a successful one. Son of off-road legend Larry Ragland, Chad has recently stepped out of his fathers shadow and made a name for himself in the business side of off-road with the launch of his UTV aftermarket...