1. Lucho

    WE ARE BACK...

  2. nickybobby333

    Riding in Arizona

    I have lived in Phoenix for 8 years and have been riding out here for about 5 of them but I am still looking for good riding spots. So far the places that I have found on Rider Planet or elsewhere on the internet are relatively close, but seeing as I live in the desert, there has to be more. I...
  3. Costa De Azul

    Suggestions for camping locations--2017 Baja 500

    Looking for any suggestions you may have on camping/spectating areas for the 500. As it turns out, I may be flying solo, so the plan is to head down early Friday, hit contingency for a bit, Tacos for a late lunch and then on to camp site. To avoid driving at night, I don't want to be too far...