1. ssappington

    904 Sappington Race Brief

    Parker Arizona, January 7, 2017: Opening event of the BITD 2107 season and Can-Am Desert Toyz Race Team took 2nd Overall and 2nd in the Pro Production Turbo class, Cory and Darren Sappington out drove all but 1 in the field of 82, It was a great day of racing and the competition was fierce...
  2. U

    UTV Rally Raid Round 5!

    Come join us! For more information visit our website:
  3. M

    We have a UTV Problem

    We have a problem in off-road. Well over a million UTVs have been sold in the United States since 2011 alone thus creating an influx of new off-road enthusiasts. Admittedly, many of today’s UTV enthusiasts have come into the sport with great knowledge of off-road, but there is a large segment of...