carl renezeder

  1. Bridges

    "FLASHBACK" Battle of CHAMPIONS > Miller Motorsports

    Deegan, RJ, Rob Mac, Carl early Lucas days Miller Motorsports Utah>>> Wire to Wire (RAW RACING) 3 MULTI X PRO2 CHAMPIONS WIDE OPEN for the PODIUM in Utah. CLEAN RACING IS GREAT RACING -- CLASSIC BATTLE OF THE MASTERS *Onboard Deegan38 reigning Champion FTW ROUSCH RACING MOTORS >>> TURN IT UP
  2. BlueCrace

    Looking back at the season and looking forward to Lake Elsinore (Renezeder)

    2015 had it ups and downs, highs and lows. With Lake Elsinore coming up this weekend, Team Renezeder is ready.
  3. BlueCrace

    Carl Renezeder takes on Vegas (Round 15)