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class 1

  1. T

    Max trans temps

    Trying get data on operating temperatures on everyone’s transmissions. Please let me know weight of vehicle , type of transmission, manual or sequential, ambient temp, if you have an oil cooler, what type of cooler, and size. Been searching a bunch and feel like there is a real lack of credible...
  2. C


    Can anyone put me in touch with Ron Hemphill or Sammy that use to work with Chenowth. I acquired a class 1 car that they built in 2012 and would like some information about it. thank you
  3. Jimmy Jackpot

    ISO 15x7 or 8 wide 5 buggy wheels

    ISO class 1 wide 5 wheels 15x7or8 Call 435-260-2724
  4. g.out racing

    MORE Class 1 Champions RATR Video

    Here is Ellis Racing's video of last weekend. They finished fourth in class one for the weekend while wrapping up the championship. Looking forward to more racing and prep jobs next year!
  5. pasqualebaldi

    2015 Henderson 250 Baldi Racing helicopter footage

    Hey guys! Just sharing some helicopter footage of Baldi Racing at the Henderson 250 race last weekend.