class 11

  1. Austin Quick


    Name is Sauce (@saucethebosss). I've been filming/editing for over ten years and doing it professionally for about five, predominately shooting BMX and MOTO where I've done everything from high end Instagram montages, to vlogs, to full length documentary style videos. I grew up riding dirt...
  2. H

    Class 11 rack and pinion

    I know this is a class 9 forum, but a lot of you are familiar with class 11. What is a good rack and pinion combo. Rack brand? Pump? THANKS!
  3. BajaHungary

    1st Baja 1000 Hungarian Racing Team

    Hello from Hungary! I am very new to off-road rally racing but I want to fulfill my dream and complete the Baja 1000 in Class 11 as the first ever hungarian team. I would appreciate all your advises and tips to achive my goal. Now I preparing my first rally car (Lada 2121 (Niva) 1.6) to race in...
  4. H

    Class 11 build, Type 2 stub axles in type 1 trans

    I am building a class 11 and had a question about stub axles. I have a transmission out of a 71 bug with 4.12 ring and pinion. Will type 2 stubs slide into my transmission or do I need to just put type 2 flanges on my type 1 stubs? Does anyone use 930 cvs in class 11. Also how good of irs axles...
  5. G

    Best Class for Novice?

    Just joined and am looking for some guidance on which class to pursue as a complete novice. Did some basic internet research and the general consensus is that class 11 is for the novice but also looked at the Stock Full class and it appears that could be a possibility as well. Any lessons...
  6. The Rooster

    Class 11 Comedy Fondue Video and the WSOB Championship, WTF?

    WSOB CHAMPIONSHIP UPDATE: CODE Mexicali to San Felipe Dec. 4-6. Prerunning opens one week after Baja 1000. Staying at the host hotels in Mexicali and San Felipe is highly recommended (see poster or website for details) as the rate is good and that's where tech and the finish line are. Race fuel...